Top 3 Atlanta Braves OF Trade Targets

Lately around Braves Nation there has been nothing of substance unless you want to take the Reds rumors as substance. The Winter Meetings were a big disappointment (for the Braves at least) and we still haven’t gotten that big outfield bat that we want.

I feel like I have narrowed down the best out field targets for the Atlanta Braves based on what these teams needs are, and what the Braves can offer them. I am pretty sure you guys will at least agree with one of these players even if you really don’t want any of them. They are all unique in what they would bring to the table and would all benefit the team next year.

I am going to be going over each of these players this week in detail but feel free to debate their strengths and weaknesses in the comments section. I also put them in the order that I would have each player (Swisher being my top choice and Jones my last). Let me know what your initial thoughts are on this.

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