Further Proof that the Braves Have Been Discussing Dealing Jair Jurrjens & Martin Prado

I’ve made a habit of calling Ken Rosenthal the “Jay Glazer of MLB”.

This is not just because they work for the same major sports affiliate. When one of these guys tells you something went down, or something will go down; you can just about take it to the bank.

So when Ken Rosenthal mentions that Jair Jurrjens and Martin Prado were dangled in front of the Orioles, I have to think it’s true.

The Red Sox, Rangers and Reds are among the teams that have shown interest in both Gonzalez and Bailey, and the Orioles and Braves have discussed a deal that included both Jurrjens and Prado, sources say.

Again, nothing huge in the way of reporting here. Just a small sentence find in a blog post. But it’s clear that the Braves are making it known that for something that strikes their fancy, either of these two can be had right now.

Oh and nice tattoo, Martin.

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