Weekend Coffee Links

Good morning, and happy Saturday. We’ve made it. Tonight I’ve got an ugly sweater party to go to. You know, I remember back when these were a rarity, now I also know of about five different friends who will be attending a different ugly sweater party tonight like I will. It seems as thought they’ve caught fire as far as holiday ideas go.

Here’s some Saturday links that would be good with your morning cup:

-Learn about the Machine Burger. [Halo Hangout]

-The Baltimore Orioles are employing an economic adviser to help evaluate players. [Baltimore Sun]

-The Cubbies have a new pitching coach. Anyone remember the name Chris Bosio? [ESPN]

-Ryan Braun’s failed PED test may be linked with herpes. [Through the Fence]

-Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt Beer didn’t get rave reviews. I would have thought Frank Thomas more likely to produce a wine. [FanGraphs]

-The Rockies win the free agent outfield prize that is Michael Cuddyer. [SweetSpot]


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