'Take Classic Video of the Day: Braves Classic TBS Theme Song

You probably all deserved this a lot sooner.

I’m in a good mood and it’s the season of giving, so hit that frontward arrow and have a ball with your damn selves for a few minutes.

What memories does this song bring back for you? For me, it’s getting watch someone other than the Reds or Indians. And they’re on ALMOST every night of the week!

Due to the man himself Teddy Turner and his network I had the opportunity to watch baseball almost every night growing up. TBS was a lot more reliable than WGN back in those days. I was able to see most of Chipper Jones’ prime free of charge, as well as all those 2-hour, 10 minute matinees that Maddux breezed through.

All with this classic jingle leading off the day.

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