Tomahawk Take Scouting Report: Sean Gilmartin

It has been a while since I have put up a scouting report, and since nothing is going on as far as Braves trade rumors we may as well take a look at our latest number one pick. Enter Sean Gilmartin.

Gilmartin is a 6’2″ lefty out of Florida State University and considered a ‘safe pick’ by most people. By safe pick they mean that he has a pretty high floor, but the ceiling isn’t going to be great (compared to most first round picks). So Gilmartin has a good chance of being an effective back of the rotation guy with his ceiling probably at #3 starter.

The scouting reports have all been similar with Gilmartin, he has four quality albeit not overpowering pitches (fastball, curveball, change-up, and slider) that he is  comfortable throwing pretty much all the time. The easy comp would be Tom Glavine but I have never really bought into comp’s with scouts. It seems like they do this just to get excited over a prospect or something.

Either way, Sean Gilmartin is ranked by Baseball America as the fifth best prospect in a loaded Braves organization. Here is what MLB Draft Guide said about him just before the draft:

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Gilmartin is a four pitch lefty who figures to be drafted by the end of the second round this year.  He throws his fastball in the low 90′s (89-92).  He also throws a curve, slider, and change.  Gilmartin’s slider is an improving pitch that he is using more often.  His change is also a solid offering.  He mixes his pitches well and has a good feel for pitching overall.


He hasn’t pitched a ton but he did throw in the Arizona Fall League and effectively dominated the opposition, which is generally a juggernaut offense league. In 21 innings (again not a lot, but this is all we have in pro ball) he put up a 12.66 K/9, .84 BB/9, 2.53 ERA, and 2.50 FIP. For a pitcher who doesn’t have great ‘stuff’ those are fantastic numbers. Actually for any player that is great ‘stuff’.

He won’t be an ace though, as long as the scouts are relatively close to being accurate, so you should expect those numbers to trend downwards as he logs more innings and climbs the competition ladder.

As far as ETA you can never be sure, but because of his development, and composure he will probably move up through the system quicker than most other pitching prospects. I could see him contributing in 2013 easy and even next year if some horrible sequence of events tarnishes our pitching depth.

Gilmartin is yet another quality pitcher the Braves have snatched up and while he probably won’t be as good as Teheran or Beachy, there is nothing wrong with another Kris Medlen.

Just found this video of Gilmartin pitching in the AFL I want to show you guys. Pitches are fastball, fastball, changeup, slider, fastball I’m pretty sure. You also think you’re about to see Bethancourt’s arm before the video ends.

Sean Gilmartin in the AFL

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