Happy Birthday Mike Minor

Mike Minor turns 24-years-old today. Have a good one, Mike, you’re so close to being able to rent a car. When I was 24, you know what? I’ll save that for the tell all book. Minor is one of the Braves’ glut of young arms on the horizon. While Minor might be the most Major League ready of the bunch, he has just a 4.74 ERA over his 123.1 innings in the bigs. The identical 3.63 xFIP (expected fielding independent pitching) and 3.63 SIERA (skill-interactive earned run average) suggest he’s quite a bit better than what we’ve seen so far.

Minor’s name is casually thrown around when Braves’ trade rumors pop up, most recently in the Adam Jones inquiry. But Minor is staying put.. for now. So Mike, on behalf of the team at the Take, you have a happy birthday/Boxing Day.

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