Keith Law Interviews for Houston Astros Front Office Position

Keith Law is probably one of my favorite guys in the baseball writing world–if not my favorite. This was all accentuated when he stopped by a Sunday Night Baseball Liveblog of ours last summer and answered a few questions. One could say that he is ‘the people’s writer’. He’s accessible on twitter–unlike Calcaterra and Neyer. He comments on posts on this very blog. He loves Wholefoods. Keith Law is a big, bright shining star.

And his day just got a lot more interesting. Keith Law is interviewing for a possible position in the Houston Astros front office.

This would be an unprecedented jump from writer to front office. While we realize that Law works for the Worldwide Leader and does some limited amounts of television, we’re talking about a writer possibly taking the reigns in a front office as a scouting director. This isn’t totally out of the blue, as Law worked from 2002 to 2006 in the Blue Jays front office.

We’re really hoping that this gets done. And if it doesn’t we might just offer Law some type of humanitarian award just because.

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