The Florida Marlins Have Installed Those Fish Tanks at their New Park

There’s been a decent amount of buzz resonating from the Marlins installing fish tanks behind home plate in their new park. Personally, I just want to know how it’s going to be pulled off. There’s never been any type of livestock that resided at a Major League park before. Those fish tanks have been installed.

And another example of why the fine folks at PETA are monsters–they have a problem with it.

Instead of exposing fish to the loud crowds, bright lights, and reverberations of a baseball stadium in an unnatural environment that will certainly have a negative impact on the health and well-being of the fish, the team should consider one of several innovative alternatives.

PETA goes on to list several asinine requests that allow us all to realize that they’re clearly from another planet than us ‘sports folk’. Of course fish like crowds, bright lights, and reverberations.

This is a very neat concept and something that adds mystique and character to a new park. I also can’t wait to be playing ‘in Miami’ on MLB the Show ’12 and see those swordfish or clown fish swimming along behind the umpire, taking in every pitch.

As bad as the Marlins new threads are, I give them high marks in the other direction for this pioneer-like move to include two saltwater tanks at their new home. Now, who wants to go eat some venison and tuna steaks, my treat.

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