Atlanta Braves Impact Fantasy Players: Brian McCann

So if you haven’t been keeping up with the Braves the past week then you really haven’t missed out on anything. We have entered that dead period of the off season when nothing is happening. Wren has effectively scared everyone but the Rockies away from trading with us and teams are exploring other options like Gio, Danks, Garza, and maybe even Shields and Wandy.

I don’t know if you guys know but I am in the midst of my first ever dynasty baseball league and it has been pretty exciting so far. I recently converted my old Braves blog into a fantasy blog (if you have any interest in that let me know in the comments) and I just wanted to go over some of the impact fantasy players on the Atlanta Braves.

stuff on Brian McCann after the break…

I am going to assume that you guys are scrubs to fantasy like I am so you need to know that defense really doesn’t matter at all. Some leagues may choose to use UZR or DRS in their leagues but they are rare (I hate those metrics anyways). So you really only need to consider a couple things. More specifically you only need to consider two things for position players: Steals and Hitting.

Brian McCann 

Brian McCann is the best hitting catcher in baseball and if he is your catcher in fantasy baseball you will be one of the few managers in the league that really doesn’t need to worry about production from the backstop. McCann has had multiple Silver Slugger’s and six straight All-Star appearances.

Another cool thing about McCann’s fantasy value is that his below average defense really doesn’t matter. All he needs to do is hit. Now there are a few players who might be drafter higher than McCann for a few different reasons.

  • they are younger
  • they can DH or play 1B therefore getting more AB’s

A perfect example of this would be Carlos Santana and Alex Avila. They both play in the American League and can DH when they need a break from catching. Their age is also more appealing to managers in dynasty leagues.

One of the players that does not fit this category and went before McCann is Buster Posey. I wasn’t too sure about that one since he is coming off of a big injury and the fact that McCann has a much better track record but hey, dynasty guys love young players.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pick up McCann in my league, I am stuck with Yasmani Grandal (MiLB draft) and Russell Martin.


Let me know if you guys enjoy this kind of post. I can easily stop the series if you guys don’t like it but I think there might be some fantasy guys (or gals) out there.


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