Julio Teheran's scouting report

You guys know I attempt to do some Braves scouting reports on the site, and while I think they are helpful if you don’t know much about a player they definitely aren’t as in depth as Seedlings to Stars is on every single player they cover. One of their recent scouting reports covers the Braves most highly touted young pitcher, Julio Teheran.

I can’t wait for Teheran to become a full time addition to the big league rotation, as he probably will at some point this season, and my hopes are high for him. Here’s a snippet of the report, if you want the full thing you can check it out here.

Teheran has three pitches that could rate as plus at some point. His arsenal is headlined by an 80-84 mph changeup with bigtime movement, and it’s a plus pitch even this early in his career. He also throws a 91-95 mph fastball and a big-breaking mid-70′s curveball, so he has all the tools to become an excellent starting pitcher, and he’s big-league ready. He crossed the 160-inning mark this season and his stuff showed no ill effects, and while he’s just 6’2″ and rather stringy, his motion doesn’t raise a lot of red flags. In short, there are a lot of reasons to believe he can be a #1 or #2 starter–the tools are there; he merely has to refine them.


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