More Adam Jones and Jair Jurrjens Rumors

I am not going to dedicate a long post to this brand new rumor because it seems like the Orioles and Rockies are both determined to frustrate Braves writers and fans more than any team ever would. We have heard over and over that the Rockies are still interested in Martin Prado and that they also have an interest in Jair Jurrjens. The Orioles had some crazier rumors but despite all the madness, no deal has been made and we are still left with just rumors.

However this latest rumor concerning the Orioles the Braves and their respective top trading chips sounds a heck of a lot better than the rumored deal of Adam Jones for Jair Jurrjens + Martin Prado + 2 more arms. According to Scott Swaim (@MLBInsideNews):

Source: #Orioles and #Braves on an Adam Jones deal. Hearing Jurrjens is involved. Could mean Crisp to Baltimore

Well we can forget about that last bit because Crisp has just signed with the Athletics. My first thoughts on this are, “I am really glad Jurrjens is the only Brave linked,” “I still really want Adam Jones”,” and “I would be fine with Jair Jurrjens straight up for Adam Jones.”

Jones was my third favorite player that the Braves should target and after the mini series was complete he actually moved up to second place behind Nick Swisher (if you want to check that out you can here.) The great thing about Jones is that he is still improving, he is young and under control, and he can also play center field if Bourn was to leave after this season. The one real negative is OBP.

This trade would be fantastic if it was JJ for Jones, and I would be thrilled. But I’m not going to go too much further right now because we seem to get a lot of unfounded rumors here in Braves Country. Stay Tuned.

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