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My interview with Aaron Somers; Braves off season chat

I published Aaron (Natioanls) and Ehsan’s (Marlins) interviews earlier on the site. But Aaron Somers recently put up my answers to his Braves questions over at District on Deck. If you want to check those out you can here.

I really like doing pieces on NL East teams and I think it helps me to become more aware of our position in the division as well as make me more knowledgeable about other players in baseball. A few other teams in the NL East on the Fansided network do their own league round up pieces about once a week and I was thinking about starting this up on the Take.

I tried something like this earlier but it was more of a link dump and I really don’t like to do those, it makes me feel like a slacker. If you are interested in seeing a feature like this be sure to speak up, and it will happen.

As always thanks for your support of Tomahawk Take and the Fansided network.

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