Braves avoid arbitration with Jurrjens, Bourn, O'Flaherty- *Updated*


Another small deal that is not arbitration related is the resigning of reliever Peter Moylan. Moylan has been an effective reliever for Atlanta but didn’t pitch much last season due to back issues, a torn labrum, and a torn rotator cuff. Apparently it is a minor league deal and is based largely on MLB time and incentives. Based on how he will be payed I like the deal. It would be a waste if he had guaranteed money on an MLB contract but it being a minor league deal it shouldn’t hurt us too much if he doesn’t recover like he is expected. If he does its another quality arm in the bullpen, but don’t let his twitter following or huge fan support make you think he’s fantastic.

With that said, I personally like the deal. Moylan is great with the fans, other pitchers, and really enjoys being a Brave.


The past two days, the Atlanta Braves have kept with team protocol and avoided arbitration with all three of their remaining arbitration eligible players. Eric O’Flaherty signed for $2.49 million, Michael Bourn for $6.85 million, and Jair Jurrjens has just signed for $5.5 million according to MLB Trade Rumors.

The Braves have never been keen to taking players to arbitration hearings and they kept to the code this year as well. All of their arbitration eligible players have been signed to contracts and for slightly less than projected for most of them.

EOF had the lowest ERA of all MLB relievers last year and was also one of our most consistent bullpen pieces.

Michael Bourn was signed to slightly less than his projected $7 million and is a free agent after the 2012 season. The Braves will likely talk with Bourn about an extension-as they do not have a center fielder capable of starting in 2013-but it will be difficult with Bourn being a Boras client.

Jair Jurrjens is still likely to be traded at some point this off season but also got a bit less than his projected salary.



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