Friend of The 'Take Debuts at Baseball Prospectus

Your minds might drift back to a time when we were young, when M.J. Lloyd’s brilliant scribes were captured right here on Tomahawk Take’s archive pages. Really, it was like several weeks ago before M.J. became the head editor over at one of our many sister sites Halo Hangout on the FanSided Network, and started writing for the big timers at Baseball Prospectus.

Today is a proud day for us all, as M.J. makes his debut post at BP. The title of the post is The Pitfalls of Prospect Worship, and it’s a great read. I personally like the category ‘Dusty Baker is the reason we can’t have nice things’. Thank you for that M.J., thank you very much.

If you’re a person who has ever thrown their anchor and hopes of an entire organization at the feet of a single prospect, it’s a great read for you. Or just read it because M.J. is our boy and he’s writing on that fancy and neat looking BP page I’ve become accustomed to reading all these years. We think you’ll enjoy it.

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