'Take Classic Video of the Day: Fan Tricks us all into thinking he caught Dan Uggla's 30th bomb outside Wrigley

I give this gentleman (‘ballhawknet‘ on YouTube) an A+ for effort and creativity.

At least, I think it’s creativity. He doesn’t really catch Uggla’s home run ball, does he?

Get a look at the bomb. Maybe the guy did catch the ball. I don’t really know. A view of his YouTube page shows he’s not a rookie at standing out on Waveland Avenue behind Wrigley and waiting for events to happen.

You might get motion sickness towards the end of the video of where at first glance it appeared that ‘ballhawknet’ was running just for effect. Maybe that son of a gun really did catch the ball. I don’t know anymore. It’s like a Jedi mind trick. I am talking myself into believing it.


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