Eastbound & Down Season Three returns with Kenny Powers

This isn’t good enough to earn the ‘Take Classic Video of the Day tag, but it’s noteworthy. I guess. If you’re into this kind of stuff. I’ve personally never thought that the whole Eastbound & Down/Kenny Powers schtick was very funny, but it makes me about the only guy in my office who is in that category.

This season Kenny Powers plays for a team in Myrtle Beach. And I’m sure he’ll predictably find his way to all of the garbage on the beach that relates to college humor that I stopped laughing about ten years ago. Alright, maybe three years ago but still.

This is exciting news for some of you I’m sure. The show will premiere on Sunday February 10th at 10 PM. Set your DVR’s now. Interesting note, my wife’s ex-boyfriend plays for the real Myrtle Beach Pelicans. So that’s good.

Kenny Powers, signed on at HBO for another season. Carry on.

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