Braves fans should be excited that Prince Fielder has not yet signed

Since my top ten scouting reports are coming out every Wednesday, we are going to have to talk something other than Braves baseball, or the NFL playoffs this Sunday (although I want the Super Bowl to come down to Patriots/49ers because I hate the Ravens, and think Eli is a wuss). The Prince Fielder saga actually has a lot to do with the Braves and if he does sign with the Nationals then he will make life a lot more stressful for die hard Bravos. If Fielder becomes the best first baseman in the NL East he will have out the Nationals on an even level with the Braves, and playing in October will become a much bigger task than it is right now. We need to be crossing our fingers for him to sign somewhere else.

The good news though is that Fielder has not yet signed anywhere. This makes me think that Fielder really doesn’t want to sign with the Nationals. They have been seriously pursuing him for a while now and nothing has happened. There are realistically two reasons for this:

  1. Scott Boras needed more teams to get involved so he could start his annual bidding war, and the Rangers needed to finish up with Yu Darvish.
  2. Prince really doesn’t want to go to Washington and was waiting for the Rangers to sign Yu before they came after him.

While both of these could easily be possible I think that it has to be the second scenario. My reasoning is simply that I hope this is the case. Of course I don’t want Fielder to sign with the Nationals, by all means let them keep playing Adam everyday that’s perfectly fine. Our chances at post season baseball are much better that way. So keep your fingers crossed, with every day that goes by it seems less and less likely that the Nationals will land the slugger, and that’s an ideal situation for us all, even if the Rangers take over as the Juggernaut of baseball.

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