Top Ten Atlanta Braves Prospects- #9 Joey Terdoslavich

I did my scouting report on Terdoslavich a while a go, so I am just going to link to it for this. I would do more, but since there has been no baseball between now and when I wrote the first report on him I figured not much of it would change. Look forward to next Wednesday’s report on Zeke Spruill however, he is one of the less covered prospects in the Braves system. It should be a pretty interesting read if you’re trying to get into the Braves minor leagues and prospects.

Here is the Joey Terdoslavich scouting report. Just so you know I am more hopeful of Terdo than most people.


*I’d like to use this post to say that I am absolutely stoked that Prince Fielder has signed with the Tigers! If the Nationals had gotten him it really would have been a chore getting to the postseason. You can use the comments here to react to Prince signing with Detroit/how you feel about the Braves chances now.

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