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Fansided 3.0

How’s it going guys? Most of you probably have been looking around at all the shiny new things on the Take, and for those of you who haven’t and think that you typed in the wrong address remain calm. The Fansided network is in the middle of launching all of our sites into  version 3.0. This is exciting for all of us writers, and hopefully you Tomahawkers like the change as well.

One of the biggest differences between 3.0 and our previous format is that big section on the right hand side of the home page called The Hub. The name is fitting because we now have a ‘hub’ of Braves content for you to peruse at work, school, a wedding, or any other situation where you could use some baseball. By default the hub shows the five most recent hub posts I have made, and you can look through to find links to Braves stories, video, tweets, and quotes. It should add a whole new layer to your Braves addiction and for that I am grateful.

3.0 also makes our posts more visually pleasing, and allows us to fit more content on the page so you really could waste an entire day on the Take.

If you have noticed the site running slow recently that is because you guys are fantastic readers. With the change, and the huge amount of traffic the network has been getting lately the server has been having issues. As far as I can tell it’s better now but I am extremely grateful that you guys are willing to break technology to get your sports fix. Thanks to all of our readers out there, none of this would be happening with out you.

I hope you enjoy Fansided 3.0 and don’t look now but the Braves Opening Day countdown is at 56 days!


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