Travis Jankowski to the Braves?


At least that’s what the fine folks over at Seedlings to Stars think. They put up the first ever Seedlings to Stars Mock Draft for the June 4th MLB Draft. It is extremely in depth on each team and apparently they think Jankowski will fall to the Braves and their 21st spot.

I can’t tell you a lot about the draft or Jankowski so you need to go over there and check out what they have to say. I will give you a tiny bit of what they say on Jankowski but the work is really worth a full read, even if you are just a crazy Braves fan and couldn’t care less who the Astros took.

Jankowski is a great athlete at 6’2″, 190 with a nice line drive swing that he’ll use to his for a good average. He has mostly gap power but he has the speed to turn some singles into doubles and doubles into triples and also the ability to steal 40-plus bases

If the description of Jankowski is accurate then I am all for the selection. We could definitely use a good outfielder in the Braves system so a first round pick on one makes sense to me. There aren’t a lot of 40 stolen base threats in the game and adding another one to the team would be fantastic. Granted Michael Bourn could easily be out of Atlanta after 2012.

We definitely need to concentrate on getting some solid position players in the system this year in my opinion. We have the best pitching in baseball (organization wise) but we are lacking on the everyday player side of things. A few nice bats—and outfield bats at that—would do wonders for the Braves organization.

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