March 4, 2012; Lakeland, FL, USA; Atlanta Braves left fielder Martin Prado (14) gets a base hit during the game against the Detroit Tigers at Joker Marchant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Spring Training Stats-14 games down

The Atlanta Braves are 2-11-1 after 13 days of baseball and 14 games. I may have put the tie in the wrong place but I am a baseball writer so I’m not used to having three numbers in record lines. Sorry about it. It is hardly what we were hoping for and definitely not what we needed to see from the offense but it is still just a time to get into season form.

So let’s get the bad numbers out of the way first:

  • Jason Heyward is still…struggling. In 34 at bats he only has 6 hits, good for a .176/.222/.324 slash line. He has also struggled to hold back on the K’s as he now leads the team in strikeouts with 12. Granted, he also has the most at bats but I still don’t like seeing 12 K’s to 2 walks. He is still airing out more than he is grounding out (10 to 6) which is promising. Hopefully he can get a hang of his swing soon. He is extremely important to the Braves success.
  • Freddie Freeman has a line of .148/.115/.148 in 33 at bats. He only has 4 hits, none of which are for extra bases and a 8/1 K/BB ratio.
  • Michael Bourn isn’t doing horrible but he’s not exactly tearing it up either. He has a .241/.290/.345 line with 7 hits in 29 AB’s. He hasn’t gotten a stolen base yet but it is nice to see that he has tacked on both a double and a triple.
  • Tyler Pastornicky hasn’t done much to improve his numbers with more chances and looks about the same as last week statistically. Apparently his swing is starting to look better but I haven’t been able to see him any so don’t take my word for it. Regardless, the production has yet to come as he has a .121/.147/.127 line with 4 hits in 33 AB’s

Now that we have been over the rough patches lets look at some of the positives we have had so far:

  • Martin Prado has produced well so far this spring sporting a .367/.424/.433 line with 11 hits in 30 AB’s, 2 doubles, 3 walks and only 1 strike out.
  • Dan Uggla has pretty much been hot since the Spring started and is sitting pretty with a .308/.424/.731 slash line (really liking that slugging percentage). In 26 at bats he has 8 hits which include 2 doubles and 3 homeruns. It’s safe to say that he is leading the team in homeruns and if he keeps this up he is definitely going to keep his every other season thing going.
  • Drew Sutton has done everything he can so far to convince management he deserves a spot on the team. He has a .375/.500/.500 line with 6 hits in just 16 at bats including a triple and a homerun. I would like to see him get some more AB’s but he has done just fine in the opportunities he has been given.
  • Andrelton Simmons also hasn’t had too many AB’s (I’m guessing they are trying to get TP as many as possible) but he has done well with the 17 he’s had. A .294/.368/.412 line for a players first Spring Training and no PA’s off of more than A ball pitching is pretty good. Hopefully he will build on the offense in the minors this year, which is where he should be.
  • Speaking of prospects who need to prove something with the bat, Christian Bethancourt has quietly put up a .364/.308/.727 line with a homer, and a double. He only has 11 AB’s but he still has got to work on getting some walks. It will be hard to have a solid OBP if he is going to continue to walk at a rate below 5%. The swing is good, the approach needs work.

So like most Spring Trainings we have some good and some bad going on. We should see these stats blend together in the coming weeks with the crazy stat lines dropping a bit and the lower ones (hopefully) coming to life. The starting pitching has been rough with the exception of Mike Minor (9 innings, 7 K’s, 4 BB’s, .172 AVG, 1.00 WHIP) and the bullpen has been right what we thought it would be.

If I missed something you feel needs to be pointed out let me know in the comments below.

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