Apr 9, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Atlanta Braves third baseman third baseman Chipper Jones (10) is given a cowboy hat before a game against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

Braves Actually Get Good News: Chipper Expected To Return Today

In a season where there have been almost no positives to date, the Atlanta Braves seem to have gotten one. Chipper Jones is expected to make his season debut today. No corresponding roster move has yet to be announced but it is expected that Jose Constanza will be sent down.

This is nice news for the 0-4 Braves but you need to temper expectations. Jones is 40. He is not the saviour. He is a piece to the puzzle that will see a better team (there aren’t many people who will rather Constanza over Jones, if any.) The Braves are in a team-wide slump right now, and it isn’t being helped by weird bullpen usage and untimely struggles. This might be the jump they need, because they need to start to turn things around quickly.

Jones coming off the DL will see less time for Matt Diaz and Juan Francisco, but it will give the Braves more options off the bench for pinch hitting opportunities late in games. With those two on the bench they have a pretty good option against righties and lefties and that doesn’t even include Eric Hinske who is probably Fredi Gonzalez’s first choice in those situations.

Maybe having Jones in the room and the dugout will be just what the Braves need. Braves fans hope so anyways, because picturing him making no difference would just be even more depressing giving the current state of the team.

The Braves will have a good chance to get off of the snide today with Tommy Hanson going up against Kyle Weiland. The latter is making his first start for the Astros after being traded from the Red Sox for Mark Melancon.

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  • BCinAlabama

    Wasn’t Chipper with the team for the last 4 games? Yes, I think he is better than Constanza, but NO I don’t buy that he is some kind of savior.The announcers and some fans think “Well when we get Chipper back” like it will be a cure all. Its like those who want Chipper as a hitting coach, like he can fix everyone swings. He has not seen .300 himself since 2008, so doctor heal thy self first.I wonder would those same fans be as hard on him as they were to Parrish & Pendleton?

  • http://tomahawktake.com/ CarlosCollazo

     @BCinAlabama I’m just ready for him to be in the lineup against some lefties. That will definitely help the team out. Piece on our splits and struggles going up in a few.

  • http://www.sabbump.org/ clearwall

    Im glad I got to see Chip one last time before he hung em up. That was a great treat to see him dominate the last time I’ll ever see him in person.

  • http://tomahawktake.com/ CarlosCollazo

     @clearwall Dang that does have to be cool. Also, you saw my boy Tyler’s first career homer. Great game to go to man.

  • http://www.sabbump.org/ clearwall

     @CarlosCollazo Yeah, it was hit right below me. I was in the club level right next to the Crawford Boxes.
    …also, remember what i said in the offseason about Chipper and those barehanded plays? Had one more last night. ;-)

  • http://tomahawktake.com/ CarlosCollazo

     @clearwall Haha when that happened I thought back to that comment actually. 

  • http://www.sabbump.org/ clearwall

     @CarlosCollazo Cant be hatin on the Chip man

  • http://www.sabbump.org/ clearwall

     @BCinAlabama It’s not Chipper as a batter necessarily that prompts that comment. It’s  what he allows the rest of the lineup to look like when he’s back. You put a guy hitting in the 6 hole who should be hitting 7th or 8th which leads to lower RISP and fewer runs and less wins. That’s why he’s so integral to the team