Matt Diaz proved me wrong. I hope he keeps on doing it though. (Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE)

Kris Medlen is a Bulldog, Fredi still can't manage the Bullpen, and a Public Apology to Matt Diaz

Well for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter I was recently given a heck of a gift. My Grandma gave me not 1 but 2 years of MLB.TV premium and I saw the second half of the Braves game last night, my first actual viewing of the season. So here’s a HUGE SHOUTOUT TO MY GRANDMOTHER.

Last night the Braves kicked the Mets collective butt and its about time. You know what they say, fifth time’s the charm. The final score was 9-3 good guys thanks to Johan Santana who only managed to go 1 and a third in 55 pitches. He gave up 6 runs (4 earned), 4 hits, had one walk and no strikeouts. He made things easy for the Braves and Delgado threw another solid outing, going 5 and a third and giving up 3 runs. I didn’t see his first few innings but during the couple I did see his fastball looked good, in the 92-94 range with some movement.

Kris Medlen came in after Delgado and proceeded to pitch 2 2/3 innings while giving up 1 hit and striking out four. Medlen has proven that he is one of the most important pieces in the pen as he can come in during high leverage situations and pitch multiple innings. The term ‘bulldog’ has been used when Meds is in the game and I like it. It’s fitting, he works extremely quickly and he goes right after every batter. The bullpen should be effective for the entire stretch this year unless…..

Fredi keeps managing the bullpen like he has. I don’t understand this guy and I doubt I ever will. Clearly, Livan Hernandez was brought in to be a long reliever and spot starter. This means he should be coming in the game during low-leverage situations. When we are up by a lot or down by a lot, throw Livan in there and let him mop up innings like Christian Bethancourt did last year. Apparently an 8-2 lead with runners on first and second isn’t big enough to put him in the game.

Like I mentioned early Medlen came in the game. If Livan is on the team and not coming in for situations like this, why is he with the club? I can’t answer that question for you, I doubt any Braves fans could. Heck I doubt Fredi Gonzalez could answer that if you went up and asked him. I’m not going to rant to much on this because after all the Braves won, but bullpen management could be another problem again this year despite adding the Bulldog to the Untouchables.

Last on the agenda for tonight is to apologize publically to Matt Diaz. Matt, I ragged  on you a lot . I brought up your horrible stats from last year, talked about how you had no power left, and said countless times that I would rather have Drew Sutton and Jordon Parraz than you. So far this season you have earned your spot on the bench and you have shown that you can still hit for some power. I still think I would rather have Sutton/Parraz on the team than you, but at least you have done something.

I’m perfectly fine being wrong at times. I would even go as far as saying that I am happy when I am wrong and the Braves benefit because of it. So keep it up Matty, I like you as a person and I have nothing against you, it’s just… I would prefer a few minor leaguers over you on the bench. That’s all.


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