More Podcasting Questions

For those of you who gave feedback on the podcast idea I threw around earlier I thank you. For those of you who didn’t exactly fall in love with the idea I’m sorry to say the project is still in the works. For those of you who were all for the podcast I’m also sorry to say, we haven’t done it yet.

Due to the combination of many things (the day being made up of just 24 hours being the main contributor) we have not finished the process of making our first podcast episode, or even discussed the topics we want to include in the first episode. Frankly the first episode is probably a ways off.

However a few of us on the staff are definitely going to make it happen at some point whether you like it or not, and for those of you who like it I have a few more questions for you.

  • Several of you have given me suggestions for the tone  of the podcast. Are you guys fans of serious discussions, or more light and humor filled?
  • Have you listened to Capitol Avenue Club’s podcast? What do you like or dislike about their’s that you would want us to include/throw it in ours?
  • Which day is the best day for a Braves podcast to be published for you.
  • Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly?

Sure all of us want to do a podcast, but there is no point in actually taking the time to record and publish one if we are not going to include the things you, the listeners, actually want. So be a pal and let me know what you think about all this. Your feedback is always appreciated and probably even more so in this post because you will be affecting something that is happening here on the Take.

Thanks guys and gals.


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  • BCinAlabama

    I am kinda in the middle on tone. I want serious baseball discussion but I also like a lighter tone as well. Bring the facts and make observations in an entertaining way to enhance the enjoyment of baseball.I have not listened to CAC, so I really cannot comment .I did since subscribe so I will give them a listen.I think a podcast done on Sunday evening reviewing the previous weeks games/news/etc seems good to me. I also like a weekly podcast. Just my 2 cents worth.

  • CarlosCollazo

     @BCinAlabama Thanks for the feedback BC.

  • learntopodcast

    If you need help getting your podcast off the ground I can help you. This is the first time on yoru website. I would say your website needs either a lighter background or lighter text (just a lil FYI). I’m haivng a hard time reading the gray on red combination. You can even get a free month of media hosting using the promo code sopfree. Let me know if I can help. Keep up the good work.
    Dave Jackson

  • learntopodcast

    Great idea getting input from your audience. From someone who helps others start pdocasts this is a great start.