A Word Of Thanks To The Braves


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All year we assess, evaluate, cheer and decry everything the Braves do. I thought it appropriate to take a minute and recognize the great organization and team we support. They’ve made their mistakes but then everyone does and they didn’t make as many as some – sorry Marlin fans, your organization really emptied the septic tank on you.  So here’s a word about the folks who spend their time under a microscope and still manage to smile, enjoy life and play pretty good baseball so we can do our cheering and booing.

This Thanksgiving be thankful:

  • That the Braves are a team of fine upstanding player who work hard to help the Braves win. We are lucky to have men like Martin Prado, Jason Heyward, Freddie Freeman, Kris Medlen and the the rest. There are no egos blocking the way, no dugout fights, no back biting and leaked clubhouse gossip. Even if they all aren’t your particular favorites they are all giving everything they have for the team and the fans.
  • That Turner Field is a great place to watch a ballgame even if ways of getting to it and away from it are . . .less that optimal. You could have walls so bright they hurt your eyes or live in a football stadium because grown men can’t agree that in the 21st century declaring an area your exclusive fan base is dumber than a box of rocks.
  • That the staff at The Ted are friendly helpful and kind. That they do everything in their power to insure your visit is fun.
  • For the Braves administrative team who deal with all sorts of odd requests, excuses and daily irritations and smile. (And those are just from me, heaven knows how many others like me there are.) Some teams don’t respond that well at all; trust me on that.
  • For the trainers and medical staff who keep the players fit and respond so well from everything to emergency glove repair and annotating a baseball after a career event to silly and sometimes serious injuries.
  • For the coaches, attendants, locker room staff and maintenance folks we rarely see who make every game go off smoothly.
  • For a grounds crew that keeps the Ted in tip top shape year around. It’s a spectacular site.
  • That Liberty Media are not owned by Jeffery Loria and that Larry Beinfest isn’t team president. <shudder>
  • And finally,  for Fredi Gonzalez and Frank Wren. No matter how much may you disagree with what they do just remember, it could be Ozzie Guillen and Omar Minaya.

That’s a Wrap

As for me personally, I am thankful for this game where brute power and abnormal height are not required for success. Where players like Mark Lemke or Francisco Cabrera can be national stars and fan heroes without hitting 71 home runs or pitching a perfect game. Where kids learn that teamwork means that the team winning is more important that their individual accomplishments. Where people like Chipper Jones pass the torch or leadership by example to new generations through public effort and private words of encouragement.  Where no matter what your religion, politics or social status, if you’re a Braves fan you are one of the family.

I’m thankful that Fansided give me the chance to write and you folks take time to read this stuff. I try to write things as I see them. You may of course see them differently and the world would sure be boring if we didn’t. I know I’ve upset some folks but that’s part of the territory.  So if I’ve upset you and you’re still reading this, thanks for not stomping off in a huff because we disagree. if you know someone left encourage them to come back and tell me about it. Tell me why and we’ll talk about it. If you only listen to those you agree with you never learn anything; I learn a lot daily from you so thanks for that too. I’m thankful for all feedback; good or bad.

I’m thankful  for two strong boys who love this game even if one is an AL fan. I’m thankful the wife is now interested in the Braves, I hadn’t seen her since the season started . . okay slight exaggeration, it was the All Star break.

I’m thankful that I live in a country where freedom of speech makes all of this possible.

May you and yours have a happy and memorable Thanksgiving day.

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