Atlanta Braves outfielder Justin Upton (10)

Press Conference: Justin Upton

The Atlanta Braves will have their newly acquired outfielder in front of the microphone on Tuesday as he will be introduced to a large group of cameras and media.

It was announced earlier today (Monday) that the Braves will be holding a press conference for Justin Upton at Turner Field Tuesday at 3pm ET.  The MLB Network quickly jumped on and proclaimed they will be airing the event on their network, and they rightfully should.

Justin will be handing the #8 jersey and the blue and red brim hat to officially accept being an Atlanta Brave.  It will be interesting to see what Justin has to say about joining the Braves and the reality of being able to play beside his brother.  We’ve heard from Braves’ players like, Jason Heyward and B.J. Upton, about the excitement to bring Justin along as well as Arizona Diamondbacks representatives about the trade but haven’t heard from Justin himself yet.  Tomorrow, our questions will be answered and hopefully he is as excited to be a Brave as the entire Brave Nation is to have him on board.

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