Jun 29, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Multiple exposure of Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers defeated the Phillies 4-3. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Morning Chop: Braves' Hudson Update

Tim Hudson Update

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I won’t belabor the point here.  Everyone across Braves’ Country heard the rumors yesterday about the possibility (however improbable) that the Braves’ were looking to try and deal Tim Hudson.  You also probably know by now, that as far as anyone actually knows there is no truth to the rumor.  The truth is that Tim Hudson is a 10-5 guy (ten years in the league, and five with the same team), so the Braves would need his consent for a trade anyway.  That wouldn’t stop them of course from releasing him, but most in the know claim there’s just no truth to the rumors.  Not sure what Peter Gammons heard (read our article from yesterday when the news broke), but I’ve decided, at least for now, to drop the matter.

It’s been widely known that Tim has battled some neck soreness issues, but perhaps we didn’t know how sore it was until yesterday’s rumor mill, and when Fredi Gonzalez decided to sit Tim to give him an extra day of rest.  When asked about the neck issues, Tim was forthcoming.

This time of year, get a little extra day here and there, it’s not a big deal.  I mean, it’s only a good thing.  I’ve had a little neck thing going on, but it’s not that big a deal.  Just kind of getting some treatment on it.  It was an opportunity to get a couple of extra days, so, take advantage of it whenever you can.  Anybody that’s had a stiff neck and tries to throw and move their head a lot and run and do things, it just makes it a little more challenging. When you’re out there playing and pitching (in games), you don’t really think about it too much….It was one of those things where about six weeks ago, you know, you wake up in hotel rooms and your neck feels like crap. Just over the course of the last six weeks, it’s been a pain in the butt. Or the neck.  But, I mean, it’s not that big a deal, honestly. Something that’s just been kind of lingering for a better part of a month now. But it has gotten better over the last few days. I hadn’t been treating it for six weeks. I was only getting treatment on it since my last start.

When Fredi Gonzalez was asked about his decision to sit Tim an extra day, and the neck issue, he said…

We’ve known for about a couple of days, so it was an easy decision.  Pauly falls into his normal day, and we move (Hudson) back another day. That’s it. Nothing more to that.


Phils’ Lee has All-Star tune-up with 5-4 win over Braves

The Sports xChange

PHILADELPHIA – Cliff Lee added another page to his All-Star resume Friday night, and gave the Philadelphia Phillies a promising start to a critical 10-game homestand.

Lee won his eighth straight game, and light-hitting Humberto Quintero homered and drove in three runs as the Phillies held off the Atlanta Braves, 5-4.


Chipper Jones says he won’t watch games umpired by Angel Hernandez

Mark Townsend | Big League Stew

It seems those of us on the outside looking in aren’t the only ones tired of umpire Angel Hernandez’s antics. Atlanta Braves legend Chipper Jones, who shared the field with the veteran arbiter on numerous occasions throughout his 19-year career, weighed in with a few of his own opinions and criticisms of Hernandez on Twitter during the Atlanta Braves 5-4 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday night.

I will not watch a game, any game, officiated by Angel Hernandez! His incompetence amazes me and I’m tired of MLB doing squat about it! Nite.

— Chipper Jones (@RealCJ10) July 5, 2013

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