Jul 24, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Atlanta Braves starting pitcher Tim Hudson (15) reacts after being injured in a collision at first base with New York Mets left fielder Eric Young Jr. (not pictured) during the eighth inning at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Morning Chop: Huge Support for Hudson

Thoughts on Hudson, From Tomahawk Take Staff

First off, let’s keep Tim and Kim, and the entire Hudson family in our prayers.  By now every Atlanta Braves’ fan knows about the horrific injury suffered by Tim Hudson in the 8th inning of last evening’s game against the New York Mets.  I have been simply amazed at the reaction all across Braves’ Country, Twitterverse, and really throughout baseball to Tim’s injury.  The reaction shows you just how much Tim Hudson is loved and respected, not only by Braves fans but by any who know Tim and have ever had any knowledge of him or association with him.  Hudson has always been a class act, and it’s not just what Tim does on the baseball field that endears fans, but what he and his wife Kim do off the field as well to help others.

It’s normal to be so somber about such an injury, and the end to the 2013 season for Tim, but I am trying to remain positive and upbeat.  While Tim may be out the rest of the season, I have heard comments about the end to his career, etc., and those comments upset me.  There is absolutely no evidence or reason to suspect any thing of the kind at this point, so Braves’ fans need to remain positive, hopeful, and put their faith where their collectives mouths are.  Below are just a few comments from Tim’s team members, and from others all around the league regarding the accidental injury last night….


Braves quotes after Wednesday’s win over Mets, Hudson injury

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On Hudson injury

I had a real good vantage of the play. It’s a freak play, two guys going for the bag and EY just stepped on him, and Huddy had his foot on the bag. Freak play. You cover the bag thousands of times and that stuff never happens.  But the reaction of the crowd when we were out there – I guess they showed the replay (on the video board) – wasn’t good. And talking to Timmy, you felt that it wasn’t good.

On Hudson’s reaction

He was tolerating the pain. He’s a tough guy. We’ll see what we’ve got. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.” (This was immediately after game, before Gonzalez found out extent of the injury.)

What was Eric Young saying to him?

He kept telling Timmy, ‘I’m sorry, it wasn’t on purpose or anything.’ And Timmy was telling him, ‘No, I know, it’s just an accident.’

On mood in clubhouse after game

It was solemn. They’re worried about their teammate, they’re worried about a guy they enjoy being around and like, and there’s a lot of concern in the air.


What was Hudson’s reaction when you got over there

He was kind of in disbelief, obviously in a lot of pain. You could see, just the thoughts going through his head, ‘This can’t be happening…. This is unbelievable.’ That sort of thing. But I know he was in a lot of pain.

On Eric Young’s reaction when you came over to him

He’s a great dude, man. He plays the game hard, in the right way. He’s just one of those guys, you love him. And you could see how upset he was and how devastated he was that he was the one who stepped on him. It was one of those freak-accident plays. I just told him, as much as you can, it’s just an accident and try not to beat yourself up over it. It’s an accident, and anybody could have been on the other side of it.


On Hudson’s important in the clubhouse

He’s huge. I mean, he’s the veteran presence around here that people go to. It’s Tim Hudson. The guy’s got 200 wins, and best teammate you’re ever going to have. Everybody in here feels bad for him.

Reactions From Others on Hudson’s Injury


From Shane Victorino, Boston Red Sox Outfielder

From Jacob Hester, Denver Broncos Fullback

From David Aardsma, New York Mets Pitcher


Closing Thoughts

With Tim Hudson’s pitching gem and his win last night, that propels Tim to an 8-7 record, and puts him in very elite territory, making for 15 winning seasons for the veteran pitcher.  Going back to 1999 with the Oakland A’s (Tim has only played for the A’s and the Braves), Hudson has never had a losing season as a pitcher.  That’s quite amazing!  As we said earlier though, it has never been just Tim’s prowess on the mound that have endeared fans.  It has been Tim’s (along with his wife Kim) tireless work off the field, for the benefit of others, that has been cause for such a devoted fan base.  I guarantee you, even in the middle of Tim and Kim’s bad news, they are thinking about events such as Dine for a cause with Tim Hudson, Matt Ryan.  You want to support Tim Hudson?  Read about this cause and see what you can do to help, and feel free to share with us your comments, thoughts and prayers for Tim.  We will keep you updated on the latest news.

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