Atlanta To Get New Transportation To Braves Games?


Unless you drive to the game yourself and you tailgate in the parking lot, the other option for Atlanta Braves fans is the MARTA system and the bus shuttle in.  This is probably one of the biggest turnoffs to travel to a ball game for fans.  The sweaty, long, loud, bus ride after a three hour game is one of the last things most want to do.

After the ball game, fans have to run out of the park to catch these old busses that are parked on the street corner.  The line piles up quickly and you usually have to stand around for a few minutes before you enter the glorious bus.  Then, your on the bus and the time it takes to get back to the MARTA seems like 2 hours.

Everyone there is extremely helpful in getting you here and there and they are actually doing the best they probably can with what they have but it may improve shortly.


Plans are in the process to build a roughly $30 million maglev train.  This fast moving train would expand from MARTA’s Georgia State station to traffic-clogged Turner Field, the Atlanta Business Chronicle  reports.

The Braves are partnering with a private, Marietta-based company that builds the futuristic people-movers to help try and solve the team’s faulty shuttle system.  This transit project is considered essential as the Braves officials call traffic congestion the primary hindrance to fan attendance.


The Atlanta Braves must first negotiate a new agreement with the city of Atlanta.  The team’s lease of Turner Field runs out on Dec. 31, 2016.  The Braves would love to reach a new agreement as soon as possible and talks are said to be moving along now.


The plan would be to open the one-mile maglev train system in time for the Braves 2015 season.  Trips between the ballpark and MARTA would take less than two minutes and each vehicle can transport 200 fans.

Funding is expected to come from a third-party company based in Madrid.  One project backer says the maglev train will be the first commercially viable one in the United States.



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  • carpengui

    Yes!!! (Sure hope this happens)

  • Matthew Jones

    I would love this to happen, but I honestly don’t see it happening for two reasons. First, the cost. The city of Atlanta, while shelling out tons for the Falcons, won’t do it for the Braves for some reason. I have yet to understand why. Second, the neighborhoods between Turner Field and the GSU station will raise all sorts of unholy heck about a maglev train running over their houses. They’ll cry to Jessie Jackson, who will come running to say how terrible the Braves and the city of Atlanta is.

    Btw, secondary use for the maglev is that the parking lots that have been serving GSU students for the last few years will continue to be used year-round, and the maglev won’t be just sitting there during the offseason. It’ll make it a lot easier for students who park down there to actually get to class.

    • carpengui

      Read it more carefully: this is an entirely privately-funded enterprise – with the Braves themselves directly involved. The only needs from the city (and hence the need for an extended agreement) involve right-of-way and associated infrastructure (add-ons to the existing station, for instance).

      As for the routing, do note that the train will be essentially silent, so that should help. By my reckoning, there are two possible routes: (1) one that curls through the campus in an effort to align with I75/85 as soon as possible (tricky), and (2) one that curls less and aligns with Capitol Ave, which would run over top of the existing stadium parking lots. I imagine that’s the preferred route.

    • carpengui

      I traced out a route… scratch both ideas above… they can’t work. The tricky bit is the need to rise and turn rapidly to the SE out of the GS Station to cross over I75/85 _and_ the MLK Drive ramp (as MLK is also crossing the interstate). To then miss the Capitol Gateway Apts, a route would have to go over top of the parking of the GSU Archives bldg at Fraser Street.

      The height has to be enough there to cross the ramp going up to Capitol Ave. as the train route goes directly south to cross I-20 and run east of the Holiday Inn (at Fulton St/Capitol Ave).

      Once there, it’s easy: parallel Fraser for a bit, then curve over to Capitol Ave, ending at Bill Lucas Dr. at the stadium. That would likely cause the least ruckus.

      • Matthew Jones

        Hey Carp, good to find you here. The other day people over at Talking Chop were wondering where you had gone. Wish that Tomahawk Take did gameday threads, but I can understand why they don’t. At least here I’m getting a good bit more of the stuff I want to read rather than speculation and stats all the time.

        The reason that I mentioned GSU was that the article mentioned that the maglev would connect into the GSU station for MARTA. It would be reasonable that there’d be a transfer there between the two. It’d be nice if they’d actually change all the MARTA trains to maglev, but I don’t see that happening. Also, I was being a bit sarcastic about the neighborhood thing. Too bad it’s got a bit of truth in it, though.

        • carpengui

          Here! And happy to be so! Do know that we’re continuing to add new ideas/features as we go along, so it could happen… at least before ARod plays again. Or maybe Braun.

          My expectation is that the GS station would be expanded to co-locate the new line with Marta… so that your transfer idea would be a snap. How cool would it be for student to likely be five minutes away from a game that only costs a few bucks to see – with zero transportation hassles!

          • Matthew Jones

            Awesome. And yeah, I’m sure it will be before ARo(i)d plays again. Geez, sounds like they’re going to Pete Rose him, right?

            I was going to say that if they do that, you’re going to see a lot more people at the stadium on a regular basis, just for the fact that you pointed out. It’d be cool if the Braves could work something out for GSU students to attend a certain number of games for free (like 2 or 3) with their ID. What a perk, right?

  • Matthew Jones

    I won’t lie, that looks pretty sweet. You know the city’s been looking for things to make as ‘landmarks’ to use in brochures and whatnot (i.e.: like Savannah does with the Talmage bridge). I could see this being a major one if they do it right. I mean if you take the route you’ve proposed, not only would people see it from 75/85, it’d be seen on I-20 as well. And I’m sure the Braves would love to see a 4-5k jump in attendance. I mean, over 82 games (using 4.5k) that’s another nearly 400k fans per year. That’d go a long way to help the bottom line and to retain a lot of the young talent that we’ve got.

    Talking about the changes, not to badmouth what is now your (sort-of) competition, you’re right. It’s changed a great deal, not for the better. The coverage isn’t nearly as good, so I’m excited to see what happens over on this side. Maybe there’ll be room for some of the history of the franchise articles (such as was done sort of with the Cardboard Sundays) and also something like the Around the NL East. It’s just too sanitized and straight-laced now. Can’t even make a suggestion without people going ape-crap crazy. Ah well.

  • andy

    my problem with this is, for the marjority of fans, they’re coming in on the north – south line. the line going to georgia state would mean two transfers rather than the one now at five points. not only that, but metro atlanta transportation plan call for light rail from five points to south dekalb passing right by turner field. i think invesment in that line, which could serve and help improve the entire area (dont forget the braves are looking to redevlop the entire area around turner field into a desne, urban neighborhood, like it should be), and also better connect to the existing system while serving future needs.