Former Atlanta Braves John Rocker On PED's

Tomahawk Take was fortunate enough to be apart of an interview with former Atlanta Braves closer, John Rocker, as he talked about the recent suspensions in Major League Baseball and other topics.  Rocker definitely had an up and down MLB career but one thing is for sure, he always spoke his mind.  Many hated him, others loved him….I always appreciate a guy who tells the truth….

On PED’s in baseball …

Well the guys I know who were thought to be clean that I know weren’t I’m certainly not going to out in a ridiculous forum like this. As far as the handling by MLB it seems there doing the best they can. One way to fix the problem for good is to have a positive PED test nullify a player’s contract which would give the team the opportunity to void all fiscal responsibility. That would grab your attention as a player.

On the toughest hitter he’s faced …

Todd Helton by far. He is so tough (not just for me obviously) because he has the approach of one of those pesky slap hitters but the pop of a power guy. A good pitch he’ll dump it into left for a week single every time. A bad pitch he’ll take you 20 rows deep.

On diversity …

I have no problem with diversity. I do have a problem with the intentional lack of a willingness to assimilate. I have lived abroad in Puerto Rico 3 times, Mexico and Venezuela once and when I lived abroad I conformed to the culture I was in and never expected them to conform to me. I feel it shows a great amount of disrespect to your hosts if you expect them to conform to you. I feel that immigrants of past generations understood that the only way for them to truly realize everything this great nation has to offer was to assimilate. I feel that realization is lost on the majority of our modern immigrants. I lived in the most diverse space you can imagine (a professional baseball clubhouse) for 13 years of my life. I was surrounded by diversity all day every day. I loved it. Making no effort to assimilate to the heritage of a country I love and you volunteered to immigrate to simply offends me.

On Alex Rodriguez

Alex is actually a friend of mine and I feel for him with all of the stuff he’s dealing with. He’ll get through it, but his career and legacy will never be the same. He’s a good dude and it’s very unfortunate how things are ending for him.

On the best closer ever …

In my opinion it’s still Rivera. Best closer bar non to ever play the game and until he retires there is no one else I’d rather have out there than him.



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