Hudson Back at Turner Field!


Apparently, Tim Hudson will be at the game tonight in Atlanta, as our beloved Braves take on the Miami Marlins in game #1 of the series.  David O’Brien apparently caught up with Tim, got in some questions, and then O’Brien tweeted the following:

As you can see, the only thing lost in this entire sad tale was the loss of Hudson himself.  Certainly Tim hasn’t lost his sense of humor.  It did look bad, and having had a broken ankle myself, I can attest to the pain.


Kevin McAlpin apparently asked Tim about his ability to bounce back from the injury.  Kevin recently tweeted the following…

I know I speak for all Braves’ fans when I say that we hope it’s not over yet, and considering how well Tim has bounced back from other major injuries, including TJ surgery, I have no doubt Tim will be back strong next year.  We ALL hope it will be in a Braves’ uniform!


Even better news than the fact that Tim is out and about, and at the TED, is the fact that apparently Tim will also be interviewed by Tom Hart tonight on Braves Live!  Tom tweeted that information…

I can’t wait to see that interview, which as of this post is right around the corner!  Tune in fans, tweet your support of Tim tonight, and send positive thoughts toward both Tim and his family, and the Atlanta Braves for yet another sweep.


Tim, always the funny man, said that if the Braves don’t win tonight, he might not come back! Ouch!  We certainly cannot have that happen, so go Braves!!


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