My Braves Chat With Josh Johnson

 Podcast Interview of Chris Headrick

Recently, I had a phone interview with Josh Johnson of Baseball Trash Talkin, and we chatted for a podcast about all things Braves.  Josh is a blogger himself, and Host of Obscure Depths and the  Baseballtrashtalkin podcast.  His writings appear on and

We talked about some of the Braves’ scouting prospects and forays into the Indy leagues, whether Evan Gattis is the catcher of the future for Atlanta, Dan Uggla‘s struggles, and more.  I also gave Josh my favorite nine Atlanta Braves’ players of all time.

I like to say I’m a died in the wool redneck with a Masters Degree, but the southern part of me is always quite evident in my southern drawl that borders on the Turnip Truck twang, if I can safely use that customary imagery :)

Josh is a great professional.  I enjoyed my talk with him, and as always enjoyed chatting about the Atlanta Braves.  Be sure and check it out.  The tail end of the podcast also has a five minute interview with former Brave, Kerry Ligtenberg !

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