Marlins Braves Series: Live Thread (Game 1)

Our goal is to have a live thread for as many, if not all games as we possibly can.  We realize all fans lead busy lives, and we do as well, but we also know that when you’re at home, watching the game in the comfort of your man (or lady) cave, sometimes you’re watching it all by your lonesome.  It’s good to have other like-minded fans to be able to discuss the game with, but sometimes other people just don’t get how important these games are!  Our live threads give you the chance to talk baseball, comment, rant, and rave about all things Braves!

Come on then, what are you waiting for?  All you have to do is grab your laptop, iPad, Tab, Note, or whatever else you use to satisfy your cravings for sports, and keep it nearby while watching the game.  When you see Julio Teheran deliver a slider down and away that baffles a hitter, and you wanna say, “Wow!” … you can do it, baby!  If you see Chris Johnson slap a single to the opposite field against the shift, and you wanna say, “Did you see that, dude!”…. you can do it!  Heck, even if you happen to be a Marlins fan, you can rant among all the raves!  We don’t discriminate.

To get started with your comments, just scroll down until you see the Comments section.  If you have a Disqus account for commenting, feel free to log in and use it to comment, but you don’t have to.  Anyone can comment with the Disqus system.  Stay tuned throughout the game and refresh the page often to see new comments.  Let’s have some fun talking about our Atlanta Braves!

If you have any trouble with commenting, have a question, or need help, feel free to shoot us a DM on Twitter.

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