Live Thread: Braves Phillies (Game 3)

Live Game Thread – Braves Vs. Phillies – Game 3

The Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies wrap up their series today, and the Braves will be trying to avoid a sweep as they’ve lost, narrowly, the first two games.  Pitching for Atlanta has been sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes just flat awful!  The hitting for Atlanta has been one of those as well, and I’ll let you guess which one I mean.

Our own Fred Owens posted this morning about how Fredi Gonazalez’ lineups lately Begs Questions, and I couldn’t agree more.  We all see the numbers, and we understand the comparisons to other players that are being made, but the simple eye test shows that we have some players that are just not producing, and are showing no signs they will.  With an important edge for Atlanta hanging in the balance, literally, Fredi Gonzalez needs to find that magical formula again that will begin to manufacture runs for Atlanta.

We’ll see today, but the lineup hasn’t really changed for today’s series finale.    With Paul Maholm facing Cole Hamels, and a lineup that is at best, suspect, Braves fans can only hope today’s outcome will be different than the last two.

Today’s Lineup

1. B.J. Upton (R) CF
3. Freddie Freeman (L) 1B
4. Chris Johnson (R) 3B
5. Evan Gattis (R) LF
6. Gerald Laird (R) C
7. Dan Uggla (R) 2B
9. Paul Maholm (L) P


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