Live Game Thread: Brewers at Braves (Game 2)


Live Game Thread – Brewers at Braves – Game 2

The frustration continues for fans as the Braves lost  with a 5-0 shutout to the the Milwaukee Brewers in game 1 of the series.  Certainly credit has to go to Marco Estrada, who pitched seven scoreless innings, and continued to pitch with the success he’s had since his recent return from the DL.  Certainly blame has to go to Mike Minor, who gave up eight hits and three runs over seven innings, and continues to struggle early in games.

That said, there’s plenty of blame to go around for the Braves, and the main culprit has been their inability to manufacture runs.  Estrada is a good pitcher, but good pitchers are all the Braves will see in the playoffs.  The Braves have gotten hot at key times, and frankly there’s a real need for the team to get back on one of those hot streaks soon – and not just for home field advantage in the playoffs, but for any chance of winning IN the playoffs!

There’s always a debate this time of year about how much you should rest some of your key players, and Fredi Gonzalez and Frank Wren have indicated in interviews that they plan to provide some of that rest.  The question is – if you rest key players, will that rest lead to better players come the playoffs?  If you play them now, as I content they should, does that improve your chances to maintain the best record and thus, home field advantage?  Some say home field advantage doesn’t matter that much, but I think a simple glance at the Braves’ road record suggests that to relax, rest players, and not really put forth your all NOW – could lead to the playoffs experienced on the road, and perhaps an early exit.  We’ll see.

Freddie Freeman and Brian McCann saw some of that rest last night, but are back in the lineup for game 2.  Chris Johnson is getting a day of rest with Elliot Johnson playing 3rd tonight.  The problem as I see it, is that Chris Johnson should be playing, pure and simple, but is being rested.  Will that pay dividends later if we lose home field advantage?  The other issue is Dan Uggla is also back in the lineup.  I guess the Braves continue to hope for Dan getting hot, but the proof has certainly not been in the pudding for the struggling Uggla.  With every game key, are the Braves fielding the best team night-in, night-out?  It’s easy to be an armchair manager, but this continued series of musical lineups is frustrating for me.

Anyway, here’s your lineups for tonight’s game 2….



Atlanta Braves

1. Jason Heyward (L) CF

2. Justin Upton (R) RF

3. Freddie Freeman (L) 1B

4. Evan Gattis (R) LF

5. Brian McCann (L) C

6. Andrelton Simmons (R) SS

7. Dan Uggla (R) 2B

8. Elliot Johnson (S) 3B

9. Freddy Garcia (R) P


Milwaukee Brewers

1. Norichika Aoki (L) RF

2. Scooter Gennett (L) 2B

3. Jonathan Lucroy (R) C

4. Aramis Ramirez (R) 3B

5. Carlos Gomez (R) CF

6. Caleb Gindl (L) LF

7. Juan Francisco (L) 1B

8. Jeff Bianchi (R) SS

9. Tyler Thornburg (R) P


Final Thoughts and Live Thread

Freddy Garcia will get another start tonight in game 2 for the Braves, and Garcia has been a pleasant surprise since getting a starter role in the light of Atlanta’s struggles with their normal starters.  In his last outing, Garcia went seven solid innings, and although he gave up 7 hits, allowed only 1 run in the loss to the Washington Nationals.  If Freddy can have another solid outing, and get adequate support from the bullpen, fans shouldn’t consider this game some kind of throwaway.

Tyler Thornburg began the year for the Brewers out of the bullpen, but has made six starts and has a low 1.25 ERA.  Batters have hit just .217 against him, but in my opinion Thornburg doesn’t have the stuff that should baffle Braves’ hitters, and based on some of his other numbers, I don’t expect his success to be long term as a starter.  Perhaps the Braves will put an end to his short success tonight.  We’ll know soon.

Join us tonight for our Live Game Thread!  Just scroll down and join us with your comments.  Let’s talk Braves’ baseball!!



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