Sep 25, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez (27) reacts with Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann (16) after hitting a home run during the first inning at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Braves Benches Clear, Freddie Freeman Tossed, Brian McCann Stands Strong At Home Plate

Braves lose to Brewers 4-0 but the main story was the 1st inning bench clearing stirrup.  Carlos Gomez hits a bomb (and I admit it was a bomb) but the immaturity of the young player showed as he jawed to almost every infielder on the Braves team.

Take a look at the video…



Freddie Freeman was ejected for supposedly throwing punches but he said after the game that was ridiculous and said he never threw any punches.

Freddie went on to talk about what he said to Gomez when he was rounding first base, “I told him to act like he’s done it before and run around the bases.  The altercation at home plate, I just ran in and kind of moved the pile a little bit.  I don’t know if they just picked the biggest guy in the pile and kicked him out….I don’t know what was going on.”

“When you lose your best hitter before he even gets a whack at it but he got ejected,” Manager Fredi Gonzalez said.  “The one thing I will fight after seeing the video is I don’t want him being suspended for that.  We lost our three hitter for the game, ok fine, but I don’t want to lose him going forward.  I don’t think he did anything wrong to get that punishment.”

Brian McCann confronted Gomez about 10 feet up the third-base line, and the fight was on.  Both benches cleared and several players threw looked to throw a couple punches.  Gomez, Freeman and Gerald Laird were ejected.

Supposedly the beef between Gomez and Maholm dated back to June 23 at Miller Park, when a Maholm fastball struck Gomez in the left knee. Gomez was upset after that game and believing Maholm had intentionally struck him.

Maholm said after the game “he hit a homer, I threw a bad pitch and he decided to act like that.  If he thought I threw at him on purpose, he hit a homer and if that’s how you want to get back at me, great.  But at least act like you’ve done it before and play the game the right way.”

Gomez story after the game, “He hit me for no reason and I tried to get it back today, it was the only opportunity that I had and that’s what I did.  I didn’t say anything bad, I just said you hear me…I hit you, now we are even.  That’s all I said.”

“It was a weird set of circumstances, I’ve never seen it before…I don’t know if  history is there or not but I think both teams were surprised on how it went down.  You hit a home run, ok you made a statement but to behave the way he did around the bases was embarrassing for a professional baseball player to act that way.”



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  • corey

    they braves are cry babies….harper hit a home run and watched it for a second and they hit him with 3 pitches in 2 games…sore losers

    • fireboss

      Well Corey it isn’t exactly like that. Gomez has a long feud with Maholm that he refuses to let go of. If he had hit the homer without that ugly first pitch stare down and the immediate shouting his disrespect for Maholm as he trotted to first and managed to make Freeman – the mildest mannered man on the field mad enough to fight – rounding first then continued to run his mouth and even giving Maholm the finger as he rounded third it’s quite likely none of the rest of it would have happened. That his words and actions were repugnant even to the umpires is evidenced by the fact that Brian McCann who blocked his path to the plate was not ejected.
      When the “fight” took place the Braves were in deed pissed but the Brewers were simply ashamed that they had to defend their immature center fielder with obvious anger control issues. If of any you watch the video you’ll see the Brew Crew trying to apologize for the young man. Before the next inning Lucroy and McCann had a long chat facilitated by the umpire which likely went like this.

      Lucroy – Look Mac he’s a quick tempered immature idiot, We’ll handle this internally but we don’t want a war.
      Mac – We know it isn’t your team. He was running his mouth before the first pitch. We don’t blame you just put a leash on him.
      If the Braves were not trying to secure home field advantage and Maholm wasn’t pitching for a post season spot I suspect the first swing and big eyed – I’m going to kill you stare – would have sent the second pitch into his ribs.
      It was an unacceptable outburst from a 28 year old man and while his manager publicly defended I’m sure he privately told he to grow up or he was going to get himself or a teammate hurt. Gomez is turning into Milton Bradley, a talented player who can;t control his anger and is likely to destroy his career as a result.

    • carpengui

      Please explain why, then, Gomez himself went through a fairly lengthy statement last night – apologizing to the Brewers, the Braves, both organizations, and their fans.

    • Joseph Fain

      You obviously didn’t watch the video. Gomez was taunting Maholm all the the way around the base paths. The crazed look in Gomez eyes towards the end shows how completely out of control he was. To Fireboss’ point, the umpire didn’t even make all that much of an attempt to stop McCann from intercepting Gomez up the third base line. That says volumes about how the umpires viewed the situation.

      My favorite part is when pint-sized Reed Johnson jumps in there and pops him. I must say Reed just went up a few notches on my favorite Braves list.

  • Chris Headrick

    In my opinion, Gomez acted very immaturely, and he knows the unwritten rule about bravado around the base paths. No question. That said, the Braves players have to be more professional and not let these little things cause them to make bad decisions. The anger may have been justified, but the reactions were not! When you are fighting hard to maintain home field advantage in the playoffs, you have to rise above petty reactions, keep your ,head about you, and keep everyone of your key players in the game. Gomez acted like a child, but so did Freddie, Bmac especially, and several other Braves off the bench.

    • carpengui

      I’m with Mac and Freddie on this one. Gomez came into the batter’s box with a chip on his shoulder… and never let up. I don’t know what was different last night — maybe it just Maholm — but he was primed and ready to be set off from moment 1.

      I would have drug-tested him, frankly.

    • fireboss

      Easy to say harder to do. We have no idea what Gomez was saying or how we’d react if there. Theoretically you ignore it practically that’s often harder to do.

      • Chris Headrick

        Perhaps, but nothing worthwhile is easy. Never lost my cool like that in all my years of baseball, and I’m not even a “professional”. No excuse to me, and if it’s that one game that comes back to bite the Braves, they’ll regret it too. Cooler heads always prevail.

  • Eric Reining

    “…but the immaturity of the young player showed as he jawed to almost every infielder on the Braves team.”

    This is, without doubt, an extremely one-sided take on the situation.

    Watching the video, seeing the replay a dozen times, it’s clear Carlos Gomez pimps his home run. He was looking for blood with the pitcher right away. And yes, there was history involved.

    However, that doesn’t give Freddie Freeman the go-ahead to jaw at him rounding first base, and certainly doesn’t give Brian McCann a free pass to block him from touching home plate. That’s some serious chicken shit.

    The big tagline in all this is “Carlos Gomez needs to act like he’s been there before.” Yeah, well, if that’s what we’re saying, then the Braves need to act like they’ve been there before, too. Wherever that is. I have never seen a catcher deliberately impede a player’s progress on a HR; conversely, I have seen players pimp their home runs. It happens all the freakin’ time.

    Not sure when it happened, or if it’s always been this way — maybe you guys at TT can clear it up for me — but since when did the Braves become the fun regulators of MLB? When did the Braves wake up and decide it was their job to decide the “right” way to play the game?

    Again, not condoning what Carlos Gomez did was “right” by any stretch, but I found the Braves’ actions far more offensive, particularly when factoring in this is the 3rd time this year they’ve had a hissy-fit altercation with an opponent that’s bested them.

    • fireboss

      Gomez was yapping at Maholm all the way down the line and likely it was not polite. To get Freeman upset as he did it had to be pretty rough. Freeman has the right to stand up for his teammate . As for it being Chicken feces I’d suggest you have no idea what was said. This was not all about pimping the home run.,it was also about shouting berating and disrespectful remarks to Maholm from the time he started his trot to the end.

      There was no fun in this at all. NONE. Gomez was full of unjustified vitriol and hated from the time he came to the plate. he expressed it physically and verbally until he was sent to the showers.

      All that has to be known about the incident is that no major league player current or past that I’ve seen interviewed or read comments from thought the Braves were wrong. None of the Brewers have come forward to support him. He’s been universally condemned.

      Dave O’Brien – the softest of beat reporters wrote a piece about it that is worth reading.

      I felt the incident in Miami was over the top. but the Gomez debacle was entirely different and much more serious. Gomez is a 28 year old man with the anger management ability of a 3 year old child. He’s Milton Bradley revisited and will suffer the same fate if he doesn’t change his ways.

  • Berdj Rassam

    These guys all just need to chill out and play baseball.

  • The Blade

    I do not support showboating but at the same time if he had been hit by a pitch or two previously by the Braves in the past and he felt it was on purpose and smartly did not charge the mount and get kicked out costing his team. He then hits a homerun and wants to get a bit of a taunt in, well not great but it was not like they were not taunting him back as he rounded the bases. Braves were just as much if not more to blame – BS that Gomez then get’s kicked out without getting a chance to cross the plate because it is blocked and he never supposedly through a punch. Baseball code is screwed up…..hate myself for supporting a guy who actually showboats. Because I believe the Braves are right that he should act like he had done it before but they should have been aware of the situation of why he was strutting. Play ball not the bs baseball code crap when your plunking guys sometimes just out of retaliation for something his pitcher might have done .