Sep 29, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Opera tenor Timothy Miller sings sings God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch during the game between the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Five Reasons Why The Braves Will Beat The Dodgers In The Division Series


Seeing as our friends over at Lasorda’s Lair came up with 5… really only 4…maybe 4-1/2… reasons for why their team will prevail in this week’s NL Division Series against Atlanta, that couldn’t go without a response from our side, right?

So yes – of course we have five reasons of our own to crow about.


Reason #1 – Home Field Advantage.

Aug 29, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; General view of Turner Field during a game between the Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians in the third inning. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

A “Joe DiMaggio-esque” Fifty-six and Twenty-five.  31 games above .500.  No other team in baseball matched that.  Only five other teams hit 50 home wins… and the Dodgers weren’t one of them.

Lasorda’s Lair points out that the LA Blue Crew was the best road team in baseball, though they conveniently neglected to mention their OH AND THREE mark at Turner Field… never mind that the Dodgers had trouble defending their own turf – just 9 games above water, including a 2-2 record vs. Atlanta.  They’d better hold serve this time:  they only have two chances (at most).


Reason #2 – Freddie Freeman and Andrelton Simmons

In short:  offense and defense.  Freddie Freeman won’t win the MVP, but he’ll get some votes.  Clearly, he’s the most dangerous hitter in the lineup – no matter what the count, no matter what the situation.  When RBI are at stake, he’s at his best.  He doesn’t guess at your pitch - he hits your pitch.  Oh, and he’s homered against Clayton Kershaw.

Jun 30, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman (5) celebrates a three run home run with shortstop Andrelton Simmons (19) in the third inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Andrelton Simmons had 499 assists this year at shortstop.  He led the world in that and in Defensive Runs Saved.  He makes a good pitching staff great.  And in this series, he’ll be paired with Elliot Johnson at second base.  Talk about being ‘strong up the middle’?  This is akin to a hermetically sealed bag of defense.

Is this the part where I should mention that the Dodgers were 6th in baseball in errors this year?


Reason #3 – The Offense

Yes, the Braves have indeed been using a ‘feast or famine’ approach this year.  But that offense has still scored 39 more runs than the Dodgers over the course of the year.  And the run differential advantage is 73.  The big thing here is that an opposing pitching staff can never relax:  almost every spot in the lineup can go yard at any time.  Eight Braves had 10+ homers for the year… and we’re not even gonna use one of them this week.  Only six Dodgers can say that… and last I heard, one is questionable for the series.


Reason #4 – the Bullpen

In short, the Braves have one.  The #1 bullpen in all of baseball, as a matter of fact.  And it doesn’t really matter how it’s been cobbled together – they’re doing it despite having Eric O’Flaherty and Jonny Venters in traction.  When Craig Kimbrel comes into the game… the game is over.

I gotta give the Dodgers some credit, though: after that disasterous showing in May – at Turner Field – their brass did go out and find some help that appears to be working for them.  In the second half, the Dodgers’ bullpen ERA is now 4th best in baseball at 2.76.

Of course the Braves’ ERA over that time was still a half run better.


Reason #5 – The Waffle House

The Turner Field Waffle House

I could have ranted on about the pitching, or the outfield defense, or the bench, or El Oso Blanco…. whatever.

There’s this mystique about a stadium with its traditions, and Turner Field started a new one this Summer.  The Waffle House.  Oddly enough, I like them more for their hash browns.  Maybe it’s that whole Smothered/Scattered/Covered/Chunked/etc. thing on their menu, but you just gotta love it.

I’m pretty sure that Californians wouldn’t understand.

The Braves sure did, though – rattling off 13 straight wins after it was installed in the halls of the stadium in July.  I mean – heck, how can you not just love a place that has its own Braves’ video highlights song?


So, I’m sorry guys: the Braves just have better reasons for winning this weekend.  Oh, you’ll probably take a game…. maybe even two with some luck.  But I would suggest some hash browns to cheer you up afterwards.

Don’t wanna leave you feeling Blue.


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  • Stacie Wheeler

    I’ve been trying to get a campaign started to get Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles into Dodger Stadium. Believe me, I understand the power of the waffle.

    • carpengui

      Go for it!!

    • LasordasLair

      Chicken and Waffles do sound mighty tasty. They would taste even better after the Dodgers win on Thursday night. I’ll toss back a plate from Southern California’s own Chicken and Waffle on Roscoe and Sherman way. They taste better after being golden browned in the LA sun.

    • Chris Headrick

      The problem, Stacie, is that it’s not the power of the proverbial waffle, although it has a clear place in the history of super human foods. It’s the power of the hash brown. Don’t let the term “waffle house” throw you, as it does most who puzzle over the power of this new establishment at the TED. It’s the mystery of the lightly fried, generously buttered, shredded potatoes that does it.

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    • fireboss

      Look the Trolls are coming out from under the bridge. must be Halloween

      • Pridenpoise

        So what do call the blowhard that comments on the Dodgers posts. Moron

        • fireboss

          I just checked Lasorda’s Lair and didn’t see any “blowhard comments” on the four most recent posts but if they were just off the wall baseless comments or ad hominem attacks on an individual I would handle them much like I handled your initial comment, as a contextless slur without merit. In hind sight I should have ignored it completely. Instead i chose to poke fun at it and it escalated.
          Here’s the point, if you wish to discuss or debate the relative strengths and weaknesses of the teams I’m happy to do that. If on the other hand you’re simply here to hurl insults and make unfounded or broad generalizations without merit there is no point.
          You don’t know me or any of the writers here and are throwing personal insults around isn’t beneficial to anyone. I took you initial comment as a jest and replied in kind. If it was simply an insult it was indeed a troll seeking to anger those who respond to comments. No one here is going to get angry and start calling out personal insults because we don’t care what a troll thinks.
          You are welcome to comment,debate and post opinion but please refrain from personal attacks.

          • Pridenpoise

            I would suggest you look harder. I only “hurl insults” when I have been insulted.

  • Al

    Braves?! Mediocore at best. They’re not as good as people might think. They’re the best of a weak division!

    • Matthew Jones

      Yes, that’s why we had the second best record in baseball, a winning record against the best team, and a winning record against y’all. Totally mediocre.

      • Al

        The Rockies are at the bottom of the NL west and yet they would be in 3rd place in the Braves weak ass division!!

        • Ken Carroll

          So why do the Dodgers have a losing record in your own division? And the Braves have a much better record against your division than the Dodgers?

          Al is currently seeking clue.

    • Ken Carroll

      You know, you should do a little research and at least some thinking before you repeat stupid things.

      So the NL West is the measuring stick? Fine, then explain why the Braves won at a .576 clip against the NL West (including the Dodgers) and the Dodgers win at only a .487 rate against the NL West and don’t even play the best team in that division (themselves).

      I can’t wait to hear you or some other logic-challenged buffoon explain that.

      • fireboss

        Trolls don’t have logic they use brute force to make you pay to cross the bridge. Or you can just give them a goat

        • Ken Carroll

          I’m afraid giving Al a goat would be animal cruelty ’cause you know what’s he’s going to do it and it’s probably a crime in all 50 states. OK, maybe not California.

          • fireboss

            point taken

          • Al

            No but I can only imagine what u would do with a goat!!

          • Ken Carroll

            Generally we BBQ them or cook them in a stew.

      • Al

        I don’t need to explain anything to you. The NLDS will explain it all.

        • Ken Carroll

          That’s good, Al, because you and I both know you can’t explain it. Try working it out with a crayon.

        • Al

          There’s nothing to explain. Like I said earlier my friend,this is the playoffs!! Clean slate 0-0 we shall see who takes this series.

  • Al

    Good! I’ve managed to anger the little brave fans! I’ve done my job! Lol!!

    • fireboss

      Don’t flatter yourself. You aren’t significant enough to anger anyone except your mommy

      • Al

        Damn!! The test tube baby speaks!!! Lmao!!

        • fireboss

          don’t have to disrespect and insult others simply to make your point. When you do it shows how shaky your own position is.

          • Al

            Excuse me?!! You were the one who started with the mother price. And cosigning on what I would do with a goat!! Miss me with that foolishness!

        • carpengui


    • carpengui

      Anger? Nah, that was hardly anger.

  • Chris Headrick

    Here’s an idea guys: When trolls go fishing, you don’t have to take the bait. Just an idea.

    • Ken Carroll

      “Just an idea.”

      And a good one. I apologize for my part in that exchange.

      • Chris Headrick

        haha Ken. I didn’t mean it to sound like I was fussing about the exchange. I like a good row as much as the next guy. I’ve just found that trolls don’t keep throwing their hooks in when the fish ain’t biting. :) That said, I appreciate you guys “giving it to the trolls” this go round. :)

        • Ken Carroll

          No offense taken, Chris. You made a valid point and I sometimes take on a Jonathan Swift attitude:

          “Hated by fools
          and fools to hate.
          Be that my motto
          and my fate.”

          Anyway, it’s beneath me. I got tired of seeing the Braves and their 96 wins dismissed as a statistical freak of nature.

          I’ve simply become weary of some websites and broadcasters (e.g. Egotistical Sycophants Pandering to the Narcissistic) handing this thing to the Dodgers on a silver platter while ginning up reasons to be dismissive of the Braves.

          Do any of the nation-wide sports experts mention that Meds has yet to surrender a run to the Dodgers this year in two starts? Or the tremendous effect of Jason Heyward at the top of the lineup when discussing the NLDS? The Braves are a superior defensive team, but does it get mentioned?

          Many national pieces attempting to analyze this NLDS make it sound as though the Dodgers will show up tonight and the home team dugout will be empty.

          Our guys deserve their due in the national spotlight and frankly, I like that boulder-sized chip on their shoulders. It looks good up there and I think that boulder is going to roll for a lot farther this fall.

  • Len Fox