Trick Or Treat, Atlanta Braves Have Fun On Halloween

Halloween came a little early for the Atlanta Braves in 2013 – during a road trip to Milwaukee, some Braves players feared the supposed haunted hotel they stay in.  Jason Heyward and B.J. Upton were so spooked about the ghosts, they moved to a different hotel and stayed there.

Baseball has always been a game of superstition and this could be another example.  Watch the video as Braves players Chris Johnson and Tim Hudson speak on the hotel.  You also learn that this hotel doesn’t just fear the Braves players, others have noticed the strange actions inside the hotel.


Last night, it looked from Twitter that Braves players had a good time.  Below are some actions that we saw from Halloween night….







And then we heard from the Gold Glover himself, Andrelton Simmons went on Twitter to thank the fans for his accomplishments

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