September 6, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann (16) throws to first for an out against the Colorado Rockies at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t Give Up On The Atlanta Braves Resigning Brian McCann

June 10th 2005 was the date the 21-year-old Brian McCann introduced himself to the Atlanta Braves fan base at Turner Field.  It was a game against the Oakland Athletics when McCann was inserted into the lineup as the 8th batter.  B-Mac went 2-3 during this game with an RBI single and a walk.  After this day, Atlanta had their catcher for the next nine years.

May 9, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann (16, right) is congratulated by second baseman Dan Uggla (26) for hitting a two-run home run during the second inning against the San Francisco Giants at AT

The once young prospect is now going to turn 30-years-old on February 20th and his future with the Braves organization is uncertain.  This foggy path is splitting hairs with fans everywhere – half feel the Braves should open up their checkbooks to McCann while others feel they should let him walk.

Braves play in the National League which means no designated hitter.  As Brian ages and puts more games on his knees, the less likely he will be able to continue at this position.  Leading people to believe he is heading to the American League that does have the DH.

As the free agency market is now open, the Braves front office will make the decision on what they want to do in the next couple days/weeks.  The Braves do not want to lose McCann (if they are going to) without some compensation though.  Which means they will plan on offering B-Mac a qualifying offer so if he does sign elsewhere, they would receive a compensatory draft pick in 2014.

The number that is being put out there for McCann is a $100 million dollar contract.  But, that is only a number being thrown out and not mentioning if Brian wants to leave ATL.  The Braves still have options that could benefit both parties – they could sign him to a one year deal with a high pay check or offer a 3-5 year deal.

The offer Braves will probably send to Brian will be a 1-yr, $14.1M qualifying offer.  He will most likely decline this as other team will send the kitchen sink his way.

No one knows what the Braves, other teams or McCann will decide on and it’s all speculation but many are already writing ship on our backstop.  Let’s see what happens first before we pencil in Evan Gattis or Gerald Laird at the catcher position.

What’s your take on things?  I’m interested in hearing what yal have to say…


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  • fireboss

    There are issues other than money that will convince BMac to leave. The big one is the teams failure to get him a proper diagnosis on his should last year so that he could have surgery in August and be on the field in April. I wrote at the time and everyone with eyes knew he needed the surgery, was in great pain and should not have been playing. They didn’t do the contrast MRI because he would have missed time they said but it was in their long term interests to fix him early instead of perhaps breaking him permanently. The myth that 50% of Mac was worth more than anything else they could have played was balderdash. Between 1 August and 3 October he hit 201/.280.261. They had Ross on board and in August 4 or 5 catchers were DFA and picked up for nothing including Kurt Suzuki who was given with his salary to the Nats for a minor league catcher. He caught full time and put up solid numbers.

    Even after the season when Mac told the press he had to have surgery Wren denied it the next say because that decision hadn’t been made yet. That was plain and simple mistreatment of one of your stars. Thee papered over that crack but his physical pain had to be at least equal to the disrespect he felt. Mac said nothing of course, even after the GM contradicted him publicly.
    The other reason is that the team will use his down year – caused in great part by their mishandling of his should injury – to lowball him a contract then give him a qualifying off and say “we made him the best offer we could.” Those are reason why he will leave, the reason they should let him go is he’s a 30 year old catcher who caught 1046 games between 2006 and 2013 (and another 59 in 2005). Only 4 other catchers have anything near that mileage,Pierzunski, Yadi Molina, Russell Martin and Joe Mauer. He’ll tack on another 500 games or so in a five year contract which is the least he’ll accept. Catchers wear out quickly. In the last 20 years only 8 catchers have played more than 1500 games and all but Mike Piazza played part of their career in the AL. Mac isn’t a small man and guys his size have knee trouble more quickly and the bumps and nicks of everyday catching will wear him down so that any contract for a NL team will be a money loser. After next year he’ll be a 10-5 guy so trading him where he doesn’t want to go would be impossible. Besides they would have 4 catchers to handle and I think they really don’t want that. Laird is a better backup than Gattis – every time I see them spin how great Gattis is defensively I cringe – he has a good arm but not the experience of game calling and that is required from a starter. I think ideally they’d like to trade Gattis and use Laird Bethancourt. I digress…

    Mac is a great guy but he’ll be in the AL next year and while I think the Rangers are front runners for him still, the fact the Boston obviously gave up on Salty in the WS in favor or Ross, Ross being there and the world series being well within Boston’s grasp again next year all make them the dark horse in this race. The Rangers suddenly have money issues – well luxury tax issues – and the loss of a first round draft pick makes signing him less attractive. So if I was betting I’d bet Rangers then put some money on Boston to cover my losses.

    • Ditto

      BMac isn’t the ONLY superstar player in very recent years the Braves have mistreated/ignored injury/mis-diagnosed and 100% disrespected. Guess what? Karma is a BITCH and she aint done yet. Best of everything Brian. Atlanta loves you and we so ‘get it’.

  • Ghost of Hank Flick

    I really hate it, but it’s probably time for BMac to go. I just don’t see the point in paying a player a ton of money when you can get nearly the same production for half the cost or less.

    • Jeff Schafer

      Very true, but is Gattis ready to be an everyday starting catcher?