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Braves Will Miss Hudson In Rotation

Tim Hudson wanted to finish his career in Atlanta and the Braves wanted to keep him. But when the Giants and other teams came calling with offers than blew the Braves’ proposal out of the water, well, it quickly became apparent he would be headed elsewhere.

June 22, 2013; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson (15) throws a pitch during the first inning against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

For a salary that included a 28-percent raise over what he made each of the past four seasons, and a two-year contract at age 38 despite currently rehabbing from ankle surgery, who could blame Hudson for signing with San Francisco and returning to the Bay Area, where he thrived in the first six years of his career while pitching for Oakland?

Most Braves fans I’ve chatted with or seen comments from were sad that the amiable veteran was leaving after nine seasons in Atlanta, but the majority of them also seemed to understand his reasoning.

“Being here in Atlanta was nine wonderful years, being able to play for the team I grew up pulling for,” said Hudson, who is from Phenix City, Ala. (he was born in the nearest hospital in Columbus, Ga.) and starred at Auburn, where he met his future wife, Kim. “I was from an hour and a half south of Atlanta, and live and hour and a half from Atlanta. The convenience was great.”


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Dan Uggla’s Relatively Modest Home Is Going Up For Sale Because He’s Owed $29 Million And Sucks At Baseball

Are the Braves making room for Red’s 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips? Or is Dan Uggla just looking to upgrade to a place that better reflects the $26 million he’s owed over the next two season? (Elvis Andrus has a nice place on the market if you’re thinking of something appropriately gaudy in the hitter friendly Texas Rangers neighborhood.)

Maybe Uggla is just looking to start over. Shit, if we ended the season with a .179/.309/.362 line and a playoff roster snub, we’d make some serious changes, too. Uggla’s relatively modest home — that’s being listed at $1.125 million — is located in Franklin, Tennessee, not far from Nashville, but about four and a half hours from Atlanta where he’s currently employed as a strikeout coordinator. The writing’s on the wall after this terribly disappointing season. Uggla is on the move, and all signs point to Cincinnati — the one place he looked like a legitimate major leaguer this season.


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POLL: Atlantans OK with Atlanta Braves move to Cobb Co.

The survey asked 500 adults the following questions:

The Atlanta Braves intend to move to a new stadium in Cobb County in 2017. Do you support? or oppose? this move?

46% Support
43% Oppose
11% Not Sure

braves1The Cobb County Board of Commissioners will vote on the stadium plan two weeks after it was publicly announced. Is two weeks too much time …too little time … or just about the right amount of time to allow for public input?

5% Too Much
54% Too Little
38% Just About The Right Amount
3% Not Sure

Cobb County will contribute 45%, or about $300 million dollars, of the total cost of the stadium, through a combination of bonds, revenue from existing property taxes, and taxes on hotel rooms and rental cars. Is this a good deal? or a bad deal? For Cobb County?

46% Good Deal
37% Bad Deal
17% Not Sure

If the Braves do move to Cobb County, would you be more likely to attend Braves games? Less likely? Or would it make no difference?

29% More Likely
35% Less Likely
35% No Difference
1% Not Sure

The survey asked 146 Atlanta residents the following questions:

Should the city of Atlanta try to keep the Braves in Atlanta? Or should the city let the Braves go?

72% Try To Keep
18% Let The Braves Go
9% Not Sure

Did Atlanta elected officials tell the public enough about their negotiations with the Braves? Or did they need to tell the public more?

18% Told The Public Enough
76% Needed To Tell The Public More
6% Not Sure

Which is more important to the city of Atlanta? Building the new Falcons stadium? Or renovating Turner Field?

38% Building The New Falcons Stadium
49% Renovating Turner Field
13% Not Sure

The survey asked 106 Atlanta residents, who want the Braves to stay, the following questions:

If keeping the Braves in Atlanta meant higher taxes for city residents, would you still want the city to try to keep the Braves in Atlanta?

51% Yes
37% No
12% Not Sure

The survey asked 130 Cobb County residents the following questions:

Should Cobb county use tax dollars to build a new stadium for the Braves? Or not?

33% Should
58% Should Not
9% Not Sure

The survey asked 103 Atlanta area adults the following questions:

If a new stadium is built in Cobb County, how concerned would you be about potential traffic problems? Very concerned? Somewhat concerned? Not very concerned? Or not at all concerned?

59% Very
14% Somewhat
24% Not Very
3% Not At All
0% Not Sure



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