Braves At Winter Meetings: Live Thread (Day 2)


Today begins the 2nd day of the December sessions of Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings, continuing through Thursday (Deccember 12th) at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Yesterday we began our Live Threads for each day of the winter meetings, and after 167 comments yesterday, we’re still no closer to knowing whether or not the Braves are going to make any significant moves during the meetings.  We did get some insight from a few tweets throughout the day…


Some have opined that Samardzija (including myself) might be the most viable move for the Braves, but even I’ve admitted that to be a long shot.  Mark Bowman may or may not have the inside track on that, but all indications for a JS trade would seem, as Bowman said, “slim”.  Not everyone seems to be on the same train of thought however, as AJC’s David O’Brien tweeted that…


In short, it’s not clear from these tweets what might happen with JS, but personally I don’t think the Braves will trade for any viable starter at all during the winter meetings.  They might, but it will require losing some significant talent, and I’m not sure the return on such an investment will be worth it.  It’s a continuing debate.

There are some tweets regarding comments that Frank Wren has reportedly made, that indicate a slim likelihood that the Braves will make any significant moves for a high-level starter, and will probably be satisfied to make some low-level moves instead.  David O’Brien tweeted the following…




So there you have it.  We could still see a big move, but it’s becoming increasingly evident that what we reported yesterday, that the Braves will mostly likely just be looking for some “bullpen help, and some bench upgrades” is probably all we can expect.  The next three days will certainly tell us more, and we’ll be here to report any breaking news that occurs.  We hope you’ll join us again today in our Live Thread of Day 2 of the Winter Meetings.


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