May 19, 2012; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Atlanta Braves shortstop Tyler Pastornicky (1) forces out Tampa Bay Rays second baseman Will Rhymes (10) as he attempted to steal second base in the eighth inning at Tropicana Field. Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Atlanta Braves 5-2. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Morning Chop: Atlanta Braves' News 1/4

Morning Chop: Summary of Atlanta Braves’ News


Atlanta Braves Don’t Need Masahiro Tanaka

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The baseball world is going crazy over this new kid coming to America to play the real game of baseball. Of course, the buzz is about Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.  According to all the experts, he is supposed to be the next big thing over here. That’s all fine and dandy. But, at least for the Atlanta Braves, they should steer clear and avoid the chaos.

Tanaka requires a large fee just to pay off his previous team. On top of that, he is going to get paid a huge contract in the 50-100 million dollar range. No thank you for the Braves. They can use that money elsewhere and hopefully they do. Paying someone you aren’t certain will be dominant is silly. Pay a few proven veterans who can for sure help your team win. Not to mention the Braves don’t need another young pitching project to mold into the next Greg Maddux.  They already have those on the current roster!

As it stands now, the Braves’ five-man rotation consists of Julio TeheranAlex WoodKris MedlenMike Minor and Brandon Beachy. Then take notice that the oldest one of those guys was born in 1985. Yes, that’s right. The oldest in the rotation is 28 years old. Or should I say, 28 years young. Pitchers don’t fall apart like other players do. They are young enough! They have enough potential! Let’s sit back and see what they can do.



The Phillies’ new TV deal and the Raysification of the Atlanta Braves

SB Nation

… The Braves are the Rays. They’re the Athletics. They’re have-nots in a haves world, and they’ll have to be smarter, always smarter. The Raysification has already begun in a way.

Braves payroll rank (MLB):

2000: $86 million, 3rd (of 30)
2001: $92M, 6th
2002: $93M, 7th
2003: $106M, 3rd
2004: $88M, 8th
2005: $85M, 10th
2006: $90M, 9th
2007: $87M, 15th
2008: $102M, 10th
2009: $97M, 11th
2010: $84M, 15th
2011: $87M, 15th
2012: $83M, 16th
2013: $90M, 16th

They’ve been remarkably consistent with their payroll, actually. But the game has changed around them. The Braves have the same payroll now as in 2000. That was the year the Mariners traded Ken Griffey, Jr. because they didn’t want to sign him to the $116 million contract he got from the Reds. Griffey would make at least twice that today. Salaries have increased dramatically. The Braves’ payroll has not.



Buying or Selling Latest Atlanta Braves Rumors

Bleacher Report

The Atlanta Braves continue to keep things close to the vest in regards to their offseason plans.

The Braves have some holes to fill, but if the season started today, they could field a competitive 25-man roster.

This makes the Braves relatively quiet players this offseason.

With that said, general manager Frank Wren will not pass up an opportunity to improve the club.

The starting rotation, bullpen, second base and bench are all positions that could see some player addition by the time spring training rolls around.

Here’s a look at what to buy and what to sell concerning some of the latest Atlanta Braves rumors.



Jameis Winston would like to be an Atlanta Brave

[Editorial Note:  Braves OR Yankees?  No, no, no good Sir!  That won't play!]

Talking Chop

Here’s a cool little story as we continue to grind through the slow part of the MLB off-season.

Today at media availability for the BCS National Championship Game, Florida State’s Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston was asked about wanting to play both football and baseball professionally once he finishes his college career. In his answer, he mentioned a couple of teams in particular that he’d like to play for:

“A lot of people are going to say, no way, he’s a quarterback, Bo Jackson was a running back. But if I put my mind to it — and the one thing I always seem to do is gain the trust of my teammates — if I can convince those guys I can be your quarterback and still go play baseball for the Atlanta Braves or New York Yankees…”




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