Sep 30, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher David Price (14) throws a pitch against the Texas Rangers during the first inning at Rangers Ballpark at Arlington. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Morning Chop: Atlanta Braves News 1/15

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Braves Playoff Woes

But a trend that I just noticed about the Braves first round playoff exits is they always lose game 1, then win game 2, then always have a chance to win the swing game (which is 3) but always find a way to lose it and pretty much it’s the end of the series.

October 7, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Atlanta Braves right fielder Jason Heyward (22) reacts after the first inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers in game four of the National League divisional series playoff baseball game at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

2013 – Won game 2
2010 – Won game 2
2005 – Won game 2
2004 – Won game 2, won game 4 to force a game 5 back at home and then got blown out.
2003 – Won game 2, won game 4 to force a game 5 and then Kerry Wood was untouchable.
2002 – Won game 2 (7-3), won game 3 (10-2) and then scored just 4 runs total in losing games 4 and 5.
2001 – Swept the Astros

So you have to go all the way back to 2001, the last time the Braves won a playoff series, to find out the last time they won game 1. I’d venture to say that has played a major factor in the Braves not being able to make it past the 1st round of the playoffs.

Another thing that has tended to haunt the Braves in the playoffs is terrible defense. We lost that 1996 World Series to the Yankees because of terrible defense. We lost the 2010 series to the Giants because of terrible defense. We lost the WC game to the Cardinals in 2012 because of terrible defense. Defense played a major role in the Braves losing game 1 to the Dodgers.


MLB Trade Rumors

David Price Rumors

When the offseason began, many speculated that David Price‘s time with the Rays was coming to an end, as the ace southpaw would be traded at the height of his remaining value (two years of team control) and Tampa Bay could save money and add even more quality prospects to their system.  The perception amongst rival executives now, however, is that Price will stay put through the coming season, ESPN’s Buster Olney reports in his latest Insider-only column.  “Ninety percent chance he stays,” one rival executive said. “The

market hasn’t materialized.”  MLBTR readers seem to agree with that sentiment — according to a recent poll, less than 31% of respondees feel that Price will be pitching elsewhere by Opening Day.


Marietta Patch

Transparency Group Fights Against Legitimizing Braves’ Financing

Cobb Citizens for Governmental Transparency has blasted the Cobb Board of Commissioners’ “reckless railroading” of the stadium deal and the additional burden it could place on public safety and county taxpayers.

A group of concerned Cobb County citizens from both sides of the political spectrum has asked theCobb Legislative Delegation not to support any proposals from the Cobb County Board of Commissioners to legitimize plans for public funding for large projects like the Braves’ new Cobb stadium.

Cobb Citizens for Governmental Transparency (CGT), who counts among its members Atlanta Tea Party leader Debbie Dooley and progressive activist Rich Pellegrino, met with individual members of the delegation on Monday.

The coalition wants to ensure that the legislative delegation does not introduce proposals into the Georgia General Assembly that would retroactively legitimize any potentially unconstitutional actions performed by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners to establish public funding for projects like the Atlanta Braves’ Cobb County stadium and the proposed Riverwalk development near the stadium site.


Baseball Me Love

Atlanta Braves 2013 Minor League Stat Leaders


Tommy La Stella- A+,AA 0.356 Tommy La Stella- A+,AA 0.444 Joey Terdoslavich- AAA 0.567
Victor Reyes- R 0.342 Ray-Patrick Didder- R 0.420 Ernesto Mejia- AAA 0.497
Kyle Wren- R,A,A+ 0.335 Victor Caratini- R 0.415 Tommy La Stella- A+,AA 0.492
Joey Terdoslavich- AAA 0.318 Mikey Reynolds- R 0.402 Will Skinner- A+ 0.483
Levi Hyams- A 0.317 Franklin Azuaje- R 0.402 Robby Hefflinger- A+,AA 0.474
Mikey Reynolds- R 0.309 Kyle Wren- R,A,A+ 0.391 Kyle Wren- R,A,A+ 0.472
David Rohm- A+ 0.302 Victor Reyes- R 0.387 Josh Elander- A,A+ 0.463
Franklin Azuaje- R 0.299 Edison Sanchez- A 0.387 Trenton Moses- A,A+ 0.439
Reed Harper- R 0.296 Yeidi Grullon- R 0.387 Christian Bethancourt- AA 0.436
Trenton Moses- A,A+ 0.295 Alden Carrithers- AA,AAA 0.384 Kyle Kubitza- A+ 0.434
Trenton Moses- A,A+ 0.384

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