Mar 15, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; United States pitching coach Greg Maddux (31) during the World Baseball Classic against Puerto Rico at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Maddux Is A Brave, Hall Cap or Not!

Most Cooperstown Hall Of Famer’s announce their cap selections just prior to being inducted.  Cap selections are the inductees’ choice for which team cap he’d like to have displayed on his plaque for the induction and subsequent display in the hallowed halls of Cooperstown.  It was announced today by the Hall of Fame, that while Bobby Cox and Tom Glavine will have the Atlanta Braves’ cap logo on their plaques, Greg Maddux has elected to have no specific cap logo on his Cooperstown plaque.

Having played much of his career in Atlanta, most gave little thought to Greg going with any choice except an Atlanta Braves’ logo, but Maddux had different ideas.  When asked about his choice not to have any cap log on his plaque for the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Maddux said…

My wife Kathy and I grew up in baseball in Chicago, and then we had just an amazing experience in Atlanta with the Braves. It’s impossible for me to choose one of those teams for my Hall of Fame plaque, as the fans of both clubs in each of those cities were so wonderful. I can’t think of having my Hall of Fame induction without support of both of those fan bases, so, for that reason, the cap on my Hall of Fame plaque will not feature a logo.

I imagine that some Atlanta Braves’ fans will be disappointed with Maddux’s decision.  After all, Tommy Glavine went with the Atlanta Braves’ cap logo on his plaque for Cooperstown, and when asked about his decision, said…

During the course of my Major League career, I had the opportunity to play for two great organizations. Though I spent five great years with the Mets, my baseball life has been defined by the city of Atlanta, from the club selecting me out of high school to where my family makes our home today. My path to Cooperstown was largely determined by my 17 major league seasons in a Braves uniform. I’m proud my Hall of Fame plaque will feature a Braves logo.

Bobby Cox, who spent the greater majority of his career with the Atlanta Braves, also went with the Braves’ cap logo on his Cooperstown plaque.  When asked about it by the Hall of Fame, Cox said…

I was fortunate to manage 29 years in the Major Leagues in two wonderful cities in Toronto and Atlanta. I can’t imagine two better places for me to spend my managerial career. With 25 of those years in Atlanta, my Hall of Fame election is a direct result of all the success of those great Braves teams that were assembled.

Maddux took a different direction though, and while some fans might be upset at Maddux’ decision, it makes sense when you consider that while Maddux played eleven seasons as an Atlanta Brave, he played ten seasons in Chicago, and he and his wife grew up with Chicago baseball.

For me, it make little difference! In my mind, Greg Maddux will always be an Atlanta Brave, Braves’ cap log on his Hall of Fame plague or not!  Fans who know his game, and realize what he did for the Braves’ organization and for baseball in general should have no problem with Maddux’ decision either.

I’ve read some comments from fans that since Greg’s number was retired with the Braves, it shows no class for Maddux not to choose the Braves’ cap logo on his plaque in Cooperstown.  That’s a lame argument with which I disagree wholeheartedly!  His number was appropriately retired by the Cubs as well, and with all due respect to Atlanta, Chicago retired Maddux’ number 31 first!  All that childishness aside, Greg simply doesn’t want to offend either organization.  I respect that!  Once a Brave – Always a Brave!




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