Who Do You Want for 2014 Opening Day Starter?

Braves Spring Training is underway, and the Braves start playing games this Wednesday when they play Detroit, at 1:05 pm, at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Stadium in Orlando Florida. Freddy Garcia will start this game, and the first 5 starters for spring training have all been chosen, via Mark Bowman.

While the decision for who will be handed the ball on opening day is a ways away, and we are unlikely to have an idea of where Fredi is leaning as of yet, I would like to conduct a pre-games poll to see where the minds of most readers are at, without having seen a player throw a meaningful pitch. Basically, this is a test of your faith based on their results of last season. I will also conduct a poll at the end of spring training, to see how minds were changed/convinced based on ST performance.

In reality, there are now only two players who can truly be considered for an opening day start, after the Mike Minor news. (He was my choice, now ruined!) Due to the fact that Beachy has been a valuable starter in the past, I will include him as well, though I feel that due to his recent pitching history (or rather, lack thereof), he will be the #5 starter.

2014 Stats

Kris Medlen- 32 Games, 197 IP, 15-12, 3.11 ERA, 3.48 FIP, 2.5 fWAR
Julio Teheran- 30 Games, 185 IP, 14-8, 3.20 ERA, 3.69 FIP, 2.4 fWAR
Brandon Beachy- 5 Games, 30 IP, 2-1, 4.50 ERA, 4.08 FIP, 0.2 fWAR

My choice for 2014 Opening Day Starter is Kris Medlen. What about you?

Who should be the Braves 2014 Opening Day Starter?

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