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Kris Medlen Medical Update: No Definitive Answer Yet

Frank Wren took to the podium this morning and made the announcement… but not quite the one we had feared:



Next, the obvious question, this coming from Chipper Jones:



In this context, “involvement” means only one thing:  damage.  Just how much is the part that’s not clear.  But here’s the kicker:



So this could easily still result in a season-ending event.  But at this point… we wait.  The one obvious thing is that Medlen will not be pitching for quite a while.  Months, for sure.


It is way too soon to speculate on Medlen’s future.  Contractually, he is in the next-to-last year of team control, making a $5.8 million salary for 2014.  He missed most of the 2011 season after injuring his arm in August of 2010.  Clearly, though, this is a major setback for him.

Kris Medlen left his start prematurely on Sunday after experiencing an obvious injury above his pitching arm elbow.  This announcement still leaves his season – and the Braves rotation – in limbo.  Kris’ lifetime stats – only with Atlanta – feature an ERA of 2.95 and a 34-20 record after 61 starts and 152 appearances.  He debuted in the majors in 2009 and has been in the organization since 2006.  Streaks of brilliance over multiple months had earned him this years’ opening start.


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Well, at least there’s that bit of good news.


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  • Chris Headrick

    I am certainly not a doctor, but in my younger years I had a thought that I might like to be an MRI tech. I even went to school for it, graduated, and after doing it awhile, decided I better stay a software programmer and techie type. Lots of pulling and tugging on patients is HARD on your back!

    Anyway, though I’m not a doctor, and no longer an MRI tech, I do know that typically, a surgeon, or any other general practitioner, etc., will almost always consult with an board-certified Radiologist (a doctor) on x-rays, MRI’s, CT-Scans, etc. I don’t know Dr. Andrews full credentials, and certainly he’s experienced at looking at these pictures, but as a surgeon, unless he’s also a board certified radiologist, then it may not be primarily his opinions on the MRI that are followed, especially after a 2nd TJ, when as DOB indicated, pics are hard to read.

    I agree with you though Alan, there’s almost certain some damage, aka “involvement” going on here, and I have to think the news won’t be good.

  • fireboss

    Medlen knows, he felt it before and when it happened he screamed. We’ve seen this tap dance before and certainly they are medically accurate when they say a specialist opinion by Dr. Andrews is required but of all the pitchers who have attempted PRP injections and/or rehab the number of long term successes can be counted on one hand. I feel so badly for Meds who worked hard to be recognized as a quality starter only to have this happen again.
    The bigger question is when the Braves are going to recognize that they need to change the way their throwing program is structured. Since Leo left the number of TJ surgeries has skyrocketed. The new age

    throw less techniques are obviously failing everywhere and particularly in Atlanta. But hey it;s new so it must be right huh?

    • Chris Headrick

      It’s a grist mill now. Grind em out, use for all their worth, and move on to the next pitcher in the pipe. This is not limited to major league baseball, but is an epidemic even in little leagues across the country. Atlanta, like most clubs, are just following suit. This propensity to have to have pitchers throwing as hard as they can, and not developing more finesse is a detriment to baseball imo.

  • Ryan Cothran

    Right about now would be the perfect time for a team to approach the Braves about paying half of Uggla’s salary.

    • fireboss

      Welllllllllllllllllllllllll . . . while we’re dreaming how about the Dodgers swap the Beckett contract for the Uggla contract? They need a second baseman (yes I know Dee Gordan actually catches the ball, can steal bases and is almost free but this is a fantasy) and we need a pitcher. Beckett is a fairly good fit. His last two years the thoracic outlet syndrome has hampered his pitching but he’s healthy (as he gets these days) and he’s hitting 92 on the gun regularly with a sharp curve this spring. He’s excess to the Dodgers as well.

      • Ryan Cothran

        I did a blog entry on another Braves’ site this winter about the potential for a Beckett/Uggla bad contract swap. Seems like a good idea for both teams. Beckett is owed 17 million this year, Uggla 26 over the next 2. In my opinion, I’d be all over a straight swap, and I’m sure the Dodgers wouldn’t mind it either.

    • fireboss

      Did you post and withdraw a comment? I got an email notification and came to respond but it isn’t showing up. I see COTS shows Josh at 17 but BBR shows 15.75. Boston is paying 3.9 of his salary which would make it 13.9 or 12.8. The dodgers signed that Cuban defector to be their 2nd baseman and are paying him a good amount for a guy who’ll at least start in AAA. That’s the hidden factor in this swap idea. Dodgers get stuck with a declining Uggs and an extra $10M at least while Beckett is likely as of today to be their fifth starter