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Tomahawk Take Fantasy Draft, Part 2

I sent out a quick 6-question survey to the draft participants.  For reference, check out the draft results from yesterday’s post.

1. What was your strategy going into the draft?
-Brandon: Drive up prices, overpay for some, wait for the dust to settle for bargains.  Also, Round out the offense before hitting the pitching staff.
-Benjamin: I have not owned Trout or Cabrera in a single league out of the dozen I have this year.  I’d like to get one of the two this year and also ensure I have two ace-quality starters. With a six-person league, I can’t sit back and wait for values like I often do in auctions.
-Alan: Get the best player available… but that’s a snake draft strategy – not one that works for auctions, so that’s certainly going to impact my options.  Maybe allow bidding for those best players to go high and then try for the 2nd/3rd best at most positions.  Post-draft Observation: nah, I went for really good guys to start with, then backed off later.
-Jeff: My strategy heading into our fantasy draft was to go with the best player on my board.  I told myself ‘don’t just look at ESPN’s rankings and go with the highest ranked player on the board there but stick to my plan.  I made a predraft ranking of my own that helped out tremendously.
-Julien: Selecting young guys, or those with a good power/speed combo. 2-1 specials!

2. Who is the one Braves player that you want to put on your roster?
-BrandonJason Heyward.  He is going to have a monster year, I believe, and can help your numbers across the board.
-Benjamin: For the price being paid this year, usually Evan Gattis, who’s going for $1-3 in many auction leagues.  However, in this draft, my focus will be on putting Andrelton Simmons in one of either the SS or MI spots.
-Alan: Heyward or Freeman.  Kimbrel is possible, since he’s worth it for ERA, K’s, and saves.  That aside, I don’t feel I need any of them, for their positions are very deep.  Ended up getting Kimbrel – surprised to get him for what I thought was a bargain ($12, I think).
-Jeff: After the Spring Training he’s had and the amazing 2013 season, I had my eyes set on Freddie Freeman.  Knowing this was a Braves draft, I should have known it would be difficult to have him on my team.  I have plenty of outfielders so I’m possibly going to shoot out a trade request just to see.
-JulienAlex Wood. He’s a huge buy low option, he might be the best Braves starter this season. (Lo and behold, Julien’s first pickup: Alex Wood)

3. Who is the guy you feel you spent too much on during the draft?
-Brandon: Definitely Jason Kipnis.  I didn’t think the bidding for him would be that intense.
-BenjaminAdam Wainwright at $20.  I wanted a second ace, but others at a similar skill level went for less: Darvish $16, Strasburg $12, Verlander $10, King Felix $13.
-Alan: Came close on Mike Trout ($44), but if you’re ever gonna overpay for anybody, he’s the guy.  And I’m pleased to have him.  Maybe also Carlos Gomez/Milw. ($23)
-Jeff: I’m going to have to say Ryan Zimmerman, I took him as my 5th player drafted and I’m not excited about it at all.  I got nervous and my time was about to expire to draft…yes, it was a desperation pick.  Zimmerman could have a decent season but the injuries that he tends to always have are going to be frustrating.  Plus he plays for Washington.
-Julien: I honestly don’t know, think all my prices were okay.

4. Who is the guy you feel you missed out on?
-Brandon: Has to be Ben Zobrist.  I love him as a player, and the versatility he brings to a fantasy team.  Being able to plug him anywhere and receive solid run, RBI, and SB totals is nice security.
-Benjamin: I didn’t get Trout or Cabrera, but the money was just too much on both.  I should have joined in on Kimbrel, but I didn’t.
-Alan: Oddly enough, two late guys: Billy Hamilton and Dan Uggla. I wanted both for different just-in-case reasons (which should be fairly obvious). Hamilton I missed on because YOU (Ben) still had money to burn. Uggla because I ended up getting more 2B guys than I’d bargained for, but 3 of the best 6-7 in baseball, too. I won’t miss him. Still would have liked to had Heyward…. can’t get ‘em all, though.
-Jeff: Definitely Julio Teheran, he went to Team Woodworth for $3.  Man, how did I miss out on that?!!??-Julien: Evan Gattis. While he won’t have a good average, his power is legit, and he would be useful at catcher for me.

5. How do you feel your team sits after the draft?
-Brandon: I legitimately think I have the best team, top to bottom.
-Benjamin: I love my team’s balance, especially in pitching.  I did go for some big high-upside sort of guys at the end, but they’re also guys I wouldn’t cry about dropping if they burn out.
-Alan: Hard to gauge.  Will have lots of homers, and thus runs and RBI.  Pitching is solid, too:  lots of K’s and W’s.  Weakest in average and steals.  WHIP is always a bit of a wild card.  Given the small league, though, nearly everybody will be strong.
-Jeff: I’m pretty confident about my team, I tried to stay conservative with my money and not bet on guys to high.  Jacob Ellsbury is my highest cost factor at $24 after that it’s Giancarlo Stanton at $12.  My team won’t be eye clearing but I think I’ll be in the running for a championship come September.
-Julien: Pretty well, I have a solid core. Now it’s time for the waiver wire to tighten up some loose ends.

6. How did you feel your pre-draft strategy worked out?
-Brandon: It worked perfectly.  I got Jon Lester for $1!  In fact, my entire pitching staff cost less than Mike Trout.
-Benjamin: No Trout or Cabrera at the top of my team, but I ended up with 3 aces on the team along and didn’t sit back while grabbing 9 players in the first 40 nominated, which is against my normal auction strategy.
-Alan: Had to adjust on the fly once I realized (a) spent too much early, and (b) the auto-drafters were gonna eat up a bunch of guys in the $6-14 range.  So I ended up going for the upper tier and the third tier guys.  Managed to get excellent pitching and middle infield by doing that and also in seeing others fill those slots earlier
-Jeff:  I tried to stay true to my predraft mentality and believe I did in some cases.  Yes, I wish I could have gambled a little more in some places but I think I came away from the draft with a pretty decent team.  Plus, games are won on the field, not on paper!!
-Julien:  I have some older players, some who worry me a bit (like Josh Hamilton), but overall, I like where I’m at.

Chris has taken on some extended responsibilities with FanSided (congrats, buddy!!), so his participation with the league will likely be sporadic, but he wanted to be part of this.  We’re a pretty lovable crew, so I think we can make it work with him!

Looking forward to updating you, the reader, on our brilliant and, well, not-so-brilliant moves this season!

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