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Predictions Contest: OVER/UNDER Picks for 2014


So just how well will the Braves perform in 2014?  Maybe you can guess along with us via an Over/Under contest.  The prize?  Pretty much just bragging rights in a year-in-review post, but feel free to post your guesses in the comments section below.  The format is simple:  The question number followed by ‘over’ or ‘under’ (or group them as I did below).  The tie-breakers are all short answer.


The Questions

These are grouped as “Team-”, “Pitcher-”, and “Hitter-” related questions, with 3 tie-breakers (TB) thrown in at the end.  There are 27 total questions.  One point per successful answer.


My Own Guesses

This is tough, since I obviously picked the numbers with intent of being ReallyCloseToTheMark… or at least to make the question interesting.  So in MOST cases, I’m thinking “barely” over or under.  Here goes:

  • Team questions:  under, over, over, under, under, over, over, under
  • Pitcher questions: over, under, over, under, under, over, over, over
  • Hitter questions:  under, over, over, over, over, under, over, under
  • Tie-breakers:  McCann, Uggla, 2

Excepting post-season awards, all questions apply to regular-season games only. will be use as the statistical source to resolve answers.  The answers strive to avoid ‘ties’, but just in case, both answers will be deemed correct.


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