A Beer For The Braves El Oso Blanco?


The Logo for Alaskan White Beer is a Great White Bear making it an appropriate adult beverage for Braves fans who enjoy such things

As I was perusing the the adult beverage aisle last week  stocking the fridge for the first week of the season, I came upon a logo containing a big white bear. It seems somehow serendipitous with our El Oso Blanco taking over as the starting catcher that should try the brew. I liked it enough that I’m going to keep it on hand this season as the Braves and El Oso Blanco work their way through the day to day grind towards the post season I’ll have an appropriate cool refreshment available. Now I know this isn’t a beer blog but (Chris) one of my editors here who also pens a post or two over at Everything On Tap  says it’s a “nice and hoppy” brew. All I can tell you is it tastes pretty good to me.

A disclaimer here, I do not work for, know anyone who works for or have any connection with the folks who make Alaskan White in Juneau Alaska. I just saw a beer with a logo showing a great white bear and my mind put the two together so I thought I’d share it with my reader. I’ll be stocking Alaskan White this season in honor of our white bear Evan Gattis and when the time is right for an adult beverage I’ll have something appropriate ready.  If you are old enough and wish to partake of such things, I’d suggest you give it a try.

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  • http://www.tomahawktake.com/ Chris Headrick

    Thanks for the shout out Fred. I should clarify here, and this is not Fred’s fault, that when I said “hoppy” I meant to say “malty”. It’s a light wheat, so it’s not actually heavy on the hops or bitterness that so many, including myself, enjoy. I’m not much of a fan of wheat bears in general, but I enjoyed Alaskan White when last I had it. AW is a spiced up wheat, with hints of orange, coriander, and of course pretty heavy on the malted wheat, thus the genre. What I enjoyed about it was that it is heavier in your mouth than most typical wheats, and while it may not have scored very high in national ratings, if you enjoy wheat beer – you cannot go wrong with this one! At the same time, you’ll kind of pay tribute in a round about way to Evan Gattis, and what could be more appropriate than that?