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Did You Have 40 in the Lottery?

It was supposed to be a night of the ’44’ – honoring Henry Aaron.  The jersey display, for example, was extraordinary.  And had Jason Heyward gotten another millimeter of loft onto that last fly out, then game would have been tied at 4-4 in the ninth.  But alas, it did not.  So instead, consider these numerical oddities:

Last night marked the 40th anniversary of Hank Aaron‘s 715th homer.

  • Aaron was 40 years old at the time.
  • That record had been set by a 40-year-old Babe Ruth… hitting #714 with the Braves, by the way.
  • The record, set in 1935, was entering its 40th year of existence when broken by Aaron.


So naturally…

  • Last night the winning pitcher, Bartolo Colon, was 40 years old.
  • He was wearing uniform number 40.
  • The Mets won the game 4-0.


There’s a Powerball Lottery tonight.  What number are YOU going to include?  Oh, but it’s for $80,000,000… which I guess is about $40 million after taxes.


UPDATE:  Okay, 40 wasn’t in the Powerball numbers on 4/9… instead, Aaron’s #44 was!



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